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How To Cook Perfect Turkey

how to cook perfect turkey
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The Big Man
The Big Man
Last night we had the best Thanskgiving meal ever. Antalya is a city of secrets. One of the big failings of this place as a tourist town is that they don't advertise anything. Example: for more than four years now, I've been living less than an hour's drive from the second-longest cable car ride in the world, and had no idea it even existed until I saw some photos of it on the internet a few weeks ago. This is how things are here - nobody knows about anything until they accidentally stumble upon it. Well, last night we stumbled upon this restaurant, and I couldn't have been happier with the meal, the service, or the atmosphere. The name's a little strange; it sounds like a place where one might be presented with a TV dinner, but it's actually quite a swanky candlelit lounge type thing, leather booths and a wall of plate glass overlooking the sea. We split a shellfish platter to start, followed by real, authentic, from-a-cow steaks. I haven't had beef in nearly half a decade, and it was wonderful. Cooked exactly how we wanted (his medium; mine blue), served with vegetables and potatoes. For dessert we had real, baked cheesecake with raspberry sauce. This may sound like an average meal to most of you, but I assure you that when you haven't eaten anything like it in many years, seafood and steaks become special. We'll definitely be going back. It was a perfect beginning to the Christmas season. We also learned about another restaurant called the Vanilla Lounge, and that's next on our list. Stay tuned.
Mmmm.... Bacon
Mmmm.... Bacon
In the wise words of a certain Mr. Homer J. Simpson. Turkey Club on Toasted Baguette Smoked turkey, bacon, tomato, greens, on baguette, with chipotle mayo on the side – with salad or homefries ($10.50). This hearty lunchtime sandwich was a grand mountain of delicious and fresh flavours. Nicely cooked (neither too crispy nor soggy) bacon was piled on top of fresh sliced tomatoes and smoky lean deli turkey. I liked how mixed baby greens were incorporated into the sandwich, providing some pepper bites, some soft crunch, and pretty vibrant greens. The baguette was slightly toasted, having a hearty crunchy crust, and a large spongy crumb. If it were a perfect world, the baguette might have had a smear of grainy mustard, and be made with sourdough, but that's just me being picky. I was just as content with the kick provide by the chipotle mayo and that of the chili oil spiked rosemary roasted potatoes. Delish! I don't think I have to say much about the plating. You can see for yourself. Compared to many other Toronto breakfast joints (particularly those that are overpriced in downtown), I was floored by the simple elegance on the plates presented by Easy's kitchen. Two thumbs up (that's if you have free hands to give a thumbs up - mine were too busy holding on to my scrumptious food).

how to cook perfect turkey
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