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I Want To Watch Tv On My Laptop

i want to watch tv on my laptop
    want to
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My Opal 247/365
My Opal 247/365
This was an 18th birthday present. It started off as a tie pin at the beginning of the 20th century. It was my great-great-great uncle's tie pin. Then my great-great grandma had the opal taken off & made into a ring. This was then worn by all the women in my family, but my Mom didn't wear it as much as everyone else. Then she gave it to me for my 18th. It had to be re-sized as apparently past generations of my family had pixie-sized hands. I only just got it back today. When I was little I used to take it out of my Mom's jewelery box & stare at the way the opal changed colour, and how the diamonds sparkled in the light. I love that it's over 100 years old. I think Ill give it to my daughter when she's 18 (or my brother's daughter, if I don't have any kids). It can be a bit of a tradition. But I do love it. I got up in time to get changed & head out to town with my parents. As we reached town my Mom realised she'd forgotten her shopping list. We figured we'd go back for it after lunch. The Black Lion was surprisingly quiet for Christmas Eve, but they always do good food, & I enjoy it there. There was a fire going, & my Mom stopped & chatted to Averil & John for a while there, while I complained to my brother about horrible customers, & that I was fortunate Kate had given me time off for Christmas. After lunch we headed to Dykes to get some stuff for the sink, but they'd already closed. We bought some Christmas cake & a chocolate log at Vermulens (well, my parents did, while my brother & I hung around outside). We visited the newsagents & the newly designed co-op (which is basically exactly the same) & then went to Sanchi's. He's the local jeweler. We were just going in there so I could ask about a bracelet I was planning on buying with the money my uncle gave me for my birthday, but we were told my ring was ready!! AH! I love it. =) We went back home to get my Mom's shopping list, & I checked my phone while I waited. There was a text from Hannah saying she'd left my Christmas present by the freezer, so I went & found it. I wasn't sure if I should open it there & then, or save it to Christmas Day. I decided to save it. We went to Tesco, & after trailing my parents round the aisles a little I split off to go buy some stuff for my brother's Christmas present. I'm already getting him Halo, but I also got him some butter popcorn & chocolate spread (a favourite combination of his) & a bag of sherbet lemons. Well, the cheeky thing keeps stealing mine. I was ridiculously proud at the check out when I managed to pack the shopping bags faster than my Mom. Another career path has opened up for me! (I wish I could laugh, but really it makes me want to cry.) I watched West Side Story with my Mom, & then watched the Corpse Bride in my parents bedroom while they cooked dinner. I felt slightly guilty. After dinner we watched The Hound of the Baskervilles (which was actually very good, & at one moment I wasn't concentrating & something happened on screen & I actually yelped.). I tried editing photos while we watched, but I only just managed to finish editing one photo within an hour and 45 mins. That's how cranky my laptop was being. I had to rush to get changed for church after watching The Hound of the Baskervilles. I thought I had 45mins, but I swear time just went by so fast. I couldn't decide what top to wear, but I felt it would be inappropriate to wear a hoodie. I rushed to the car, & then my Dad made me go back for a coat. It was actually quite cold walking to church, so it was a good thing he told me to. Usually my Mom comes to church with me on Christmas Eve, but this year she decided not to go. I insisted on someone accompanying me - my Dad said he was happy to drive me, but in the end he relented to my whining & came with me. My Mom said the service started at 11.15pm. but it didn't start til 11.30pm. I should really remember what time it starts, because we thought we were late at first. I saw a lot of people I knew there. The Chambers family were there. Usually their daughter isn't with them, but she was this year. I saw Tom Goulding, from my GCSE English class, up front. There was Daniel, who I worked with at the restaurant once or twice last month, & his friends, who I'd served drinks to. There was also Mrs Hitchens, who was the Lower School secretary when I was there. I assume she still is. Bryony, the little girl who became attached to me while I was helping out with the Lower School Talent Show, & then the Sampsons. Usually only the wife & daughter go, but this year the son went too. As we were leaving he wished me a Merry Christmas, which was nice of him. I always get lost during the service - the service book is complicated, so my Dad had to help me find the right pages. & they choose to use the modern version as well, which just isn't as cool. The vicar did the 'In the beginning .
287. October 14, 2011
287. October 14, 2011
yo :D ! alrighty then. today after school, i went to get a pedi, & get my eyebrows done[: after that, me, Amber & Ramon had lunch at Chipotle<3, & we went to Ross & TJ Maxx. then i went home to do some homework before going to work. at work, i finished the bulletin board, & most of the time, i just hung out behind the counter doodling lol. when the park was closing, the girl scouts were cleaning up, getting ready to leave, while i was cleaning the bathrooms. & when they left, they gave the director tons of leftover cake ! so he offered me & this other kid cake. so i just took as much as i wanted lol. which you can see above[: it has OREOs inside :O that's the only reason why i got some cake lol. other then that, i would of never gotten some xD but yea then i went home. & just watched some t.v. & on my laptop for a bit. & then i knocked out lmao xD kay well. PeAcE<3

i want to watch tv on my laptop
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