Communications help for people who change the world.

I'm an independent PR and marketing consultant with the experience, contacts, skills and moxie
to get your in

formation to the audiences who need to hear it.

Since I first struck out on my own as a writer and editor in 1999, science and technology experts in universities and private industry have trusted me to help inform the media and the public about their work. Here's why:
  • education in English and technical writing
  • 14 years of experience in the software industry, science writing and higher education
  • a family full of passionate, colorful physicists and engineers (technical types don't scare me!)
  • excellence in translating the innovator's enthusiasm and knowledge into user-friendly Web copy, articles, news releases and pitches, and brochures
  • finely honed sensitivity to the needs of a variety of audiences - from university administrators to the general public
  • fluent in Web 2.0 - social networking and user-generated content - and what it takes to gain attention in a changing media world.
I am now accepting work from universities, colleges, nonprofits, agencies, news organizations, publishers and private industry.
I provide free estimates. Contact me: ananelsonshaw@gmail.com, (406) 565-5457 or (406) 565-2824.