On Quality in Business

Dedicated to courage and knowledge...

I am indebted to my colleagues and juniors, without their questions I would have lost the eagerness to learn more. This site was created primarily to assist colleagues who are always on move. Today they are able to access new training material from any palce in India. Besides them there have been a lot of contributors who have helped me to improve the material particularly the staff of Delhi Airport quality control department. They have pointed out mistakes, and helped to make the material more easily understandable and also helped me to clear a lot of fundamental points.

If you have heard of 80-20 rule also called the Pareto rule, you will know how I work.

I do 20 % of teaching and you practice 80% of the times. You will encounter problems, errors, you won't understand many things; agreed! but then you will learn.

If you agree to this we may continue to learn together, on various topics of quality, else my dear you are wasting your precious time.