My research goals are linked to my desire to understand how people actively and passively seek, use, or ignore information. I am curious about the ways in which information, or the lack thereof, impacts one's quality of life. I explore topics such as library use in the U.S. and around the world, the digital divide and information literacy, along with the normative information experiences of marginalized communities. My research experience is varied; I am drawn to mixed methods approaches, or triangulation. The overarching question that I wish to answer is: What is the cross between social identity and information behavior?

Currently, I am completing my dissertation research on the information wolrds of Black immigrants. There are few LIS studies on the dynamics of information as a stressor from the point of view of minorities, much less foreign-born Blacks living in the U.S. Although Black immigrants are hardly homogeneous, attention to the norms of African, Afro-­Caribbean and Afro­-Latino individuals living in the U.S. is missing from the current body of information overload research. I argue that this is a timely study. Regardless of the politics and debates on immigration, the fact remains that there are already 3 million foreign-born Blacks who permanently reside in America, and these individuals need resources to assist them with adjusting, acculturating, assimilating and advancing while in the U.S. I hope to complete a multi-phase project using analysis of U.S. Census data, surveys, as well as a focus group, and will present my dissertation in a three-paper dissertation format. The survey link is available here.

Finally, I am inspired by the late Dr. Elfreda Chatman, who studied the information behavior of African Americans, the working poor, the elderly, prisoners and low-skilled workers. Her theories highlighted the notion that information takes many forms, and cultural roles impact the ways in which people perceive information. Like Chatman, I hope to connect theory building, teaching and service.

  • Collected survey responses for dissertation research
  • Conducted focus group interview for dissertation research
  • Attended Sisters of the Academy (SOTA) Research Bootcamp
  • Completed Conceptual Model of the Digital Divide (expansion of 2016 ASIS&T poster)
  • Submitted On Nicaraguan Costeno culture and culturally-responsive libraries 
  • Survey Research
  • Focus Group
  • Secondary Analysis
  • Systematic Review
  • Photovoice
  • Population Data
  • NVivo
  • ArcGIS
  • SPSS
  • R