Libraries and universities are vital public spheres. I am honored to serve in both.

Libraries and universities are no longer detached, neutral spaces. Information professionals can and should be culture changers, particularly in light of recent social unrest and division. Who better than information professionals to speak on illiteracy; information privacy and security; cyberetiquette and trolling; fake news and information literacy; the digital divide; and other social problems? The LIS workforce has a responsibility to serve and empower constituents who belong to families, live in communities, align themselves with ideals, participate in society, and negotiate the effects of social strife.

Equality matters. As a librarian, instructor, and developing researcher, I am uniquely positioned to help resist discrimination in all of its forms. To me, equality is bifold. One aspect entails a fair distribution of resources and privilege. The second lies in recognition and inclusion (Ahmed, 2012; Smith, 2009). Information plays a critical role in overcoming disparities. So, my goal is to promote just practices within libraries and/or campuses; invest in the celebration of identity and heritage; and embed cultural literacy within LIS curricula, collections, programs, or services (Cooke & Sweeney, 2017; Morrone, 2014).


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Cooke & Sweeney (2017) along with Morrone (2014) highlighted on the right.


  • iSchool Agraphia Writing Support Group, facilitator
  • College of Communication & Information Doctoral Student Association, co-founder
  • School of Information Outreach Committee, member
  • FSU Program in Instructional Excellence (PIE), associate
  • FSU Every Nation Student Organization, sponsor
  • FSU Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award Committee, member
  • Sisters of the Academy, member
  • Podemos Hablar Toastmasters, member
  • Good News, volunteer

Teaching for Social Justice: Implementing social justice in the LIS classroom
Nicole A. Cooke and Miriam Sweeney, Eds. (2017)
Sacramento, CA: Library Juice Press

Informed agitation: Library & information skills in social justice movements & beyond

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Sacramento, CA: Library Juice Press