Sample Lecture: Digital Access


The values of universal access, personal development and community are germane to my pedagogical approach. These ideals flow through my syllabus, course objectives, class website, curriculum design, material selection, activities, assessment and feedback.

My primary goal as an information science instructor is to train students to effectively seek, evaluate, synthesize and apply knowledge. Furthermore, it is my belief that in this fast-paced, networked society, students must be trained through experiential, shared and active learning. Whether virtual or face-to-face, the classroom environment should be a hands-on collaboratory. Education is best when students are exposed to various perspectives through multiple platforms.

I believe in merging rich content with open dialogue. I am always on the hunt for current events which might serve as case studies or journal articles that express novel ideas. I also make room for role play, debates, spoken word, service learning, virtual field trips and guest speakers in the curriculum. Furthermore, I embrace opposing viewpoints and suggestions for hot topics.

Teaching requires thoughtful architecture yet intentional flexibility. I constantly work toward a balance of preparedness and spontaneity. Along these lines, it is vital that I strengthen my expertise when it comes to both subject matter and teaching techniques. I believe that I should model the lifelong learning skills that I wish for my students to develop. I try to accomplish this by remaining abreast on emerging instructional or information tools. Instead of perceiving social media as a distraction, for instance, I leverage it for lecture participation, online office hours and feedback. Yet, I am judicious in terms of adopting trends; each educational accessory must substantially enrich the curriculum. I am also careful to connect theory, research and service with teaching.

Finally, I spend considerable time setting or revisiting course expectations. Though adaptable when it comes to content delivery, I am stern in the area of performance and evaluation. I push students toward conscientiousness, and encourage them to to pursue their careers with a sense of purpose and professionalism.