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I like your artwork. It's tough being both right and left brained sometimes. I also excel in math/logic and creative work. Not a common combo.
Harvey Ramer - Design Delineations

What beautiful writing... thank you for the glimpse! Wonderful, wonderful.... be well, Lizzy
Elizabeth Blackney - TMK Books, Inc.

You are a fascinating young man. I love your zest for learning, your writing, your art! You have an insatiable mind and a love of life. It is wonderful to meet you in this world of blogs. I thank you for introducing yourself to me....it was a gift. God bless.
E V Nucci - Nucci Consulting Group

Abi has written here about me on his blog. Thanks a lot Abi.

You are quite a resourceful and creative guy - not to mention busy! The ambigrams are well done, your artwork seems heartfelt. You must be a passionate person - that's a quality I admire! I look forward to getting to know you better. - Chip Boaz

You have an interesting blog. They were drawn by using your computer mouse? Amazing! - Ethan Tan

Your art is beautiful. You have a wonderful style. Thanks for sharing it on the web! - Nina Munteanu      

Your art and ambigrams are really inspiring! -  Ilker yoldas