A conceptual painting

I gave this to my friend

 This painting shows the seamy side of the senses..

Each color and each part of the painting has relevant meaning...

The eyes are green and spheroidal to show World jealousy..

The hand are always on the reach out and they are dirty..

The nose is full of grey and toxic filth.. always ready to accept them

The tongue is red and greedy to eat any stuff..

The ears are blue reaching out to the skies just to show that each one in the world is concerned about knowing what others do..  The sine waves show the sensitivity..

The whole senses are under the roof of the brain which is always confused and has been shown in multi colors..

There are small birds in the brain which depict the hunger for freedom which an individual has..

The whole painting backdrop is brown showing the negative side of the SENSES..

Anand Bora