Tidbits about me


I can be reached via email at shannongavin20@yahoo.com

I am registered for video chat on AIM as shannongavin1 as well as on Skype as Shannon Gavin.

I volunteer at the Humane Society and Habitat for Humanity in Regina.

What do I I like to do for fun? 

Enjoying my musician husband and cats (and our new Border Collie puppy we just got!), Reiki, making gemstone jewelry, meditation, going to Yosemite, being out in nature, cruising, reading, taking photographs...

 I'm also a Certified Reiki Master.

(Clicking on the photographs here brings them up very grainy.  I have the full size clear photos on my Mac.) 

 My sweet husband Christopher and I, right after we got married on the Star Princess:

Our babies - on top are Noah and Ghostie (greatly missed as they crossed the Rainbow Bridge within the past year!).  Below are a sleepy Tequila, Spitfire laughing, our new baby Border Collie Q with Tequila an hour after they met, and Noah & Spitfire enjoying a Sunflower they planted by accident when trying to attract the birds with birdseed!


A photograph I took in Yosemite, what's wrong with this picture?

   (answer.... it's upside down.  It's actually a reflection in the very quiet river, hence the boulder in the "sky")