I am  a Reiki Grand Master.  I have been practicing meditation and energy work for over 25 years.

Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is a method of natural healing based on the application of Universal Life Force Energy (the name literally means Universal Life Force Energy).  

Reiki is a gentle healing energy which your body can use for just about anything it needs. The energy is all around us, and indeed is a part of you already.  A Reiki practitioner can help your body/mind access this energy for so many things, from physical problems, to emotional issues, to clearing out energy for situations you are working on in your life, and more....

Reiki is done with you fully clothed, with the practitioner laying their hands on or above various parts of your body.  It can be done lying down, sitting or standing, or even through distance healing, where the practitioner sends the energy to you remotely.

Some of the things Reiki can help you with:

    * Handling a physical illness: One major reason people try Reiki is to help overcome disease or pain. Your body is made of energy, and Reiki helps balance your energy and remove any blocks to the flow of energy. Reiki works not only to reduce anxiety, lessen pain, and relax you but also works on the underlying cause of disease.

    * Handling an emotional upset: After you suffer a loss or change, such as the death of a loved one, the end of relationship, the loss of a job, a move, etc., you can surely benefit from the boost that Reiki can provide. Here are some examples of times to try Reiki:

• When you suffer an emotional shock, such as the loss of a relative, pet, or friend: If you suffer a tragic loss, Reiki can be one of the methods to help yourself cope with this loss and begin to renew your life.

• During life transitions: Changes in life, even positive changes, can be stressful. Some examples such as moving to a new home, getting married, starting a new job, losing a job and searching for a new one, having a baby, and many more situations, can stir up the emotions, and Reiki can help you make sense of your situation and feel ready for change.

• Peace of mind: If you are feeling frantic, like life is moving too fast, Reiki can help you calm your energy and mind, and feel more peaceful.  In this state, often solutions to problems or other ways of handling the issues will come to you, sometimes during the session or even days after the Reiki treatment.

• If you're feeling emotional burnout: Perhaps you are trying to be the best Mom you can be to young children, or working two jobs to make ends meet, working at a job you no longer enjoy, or even looking for work and frustrated. If you feel like you're at the end of your rope or about to fall apart, Reiki can help you clear the stuck energy and feel ready to face the challenges with renewed energy.

• When you're making decisions: If you have a major life decision to make, and you feel like you can't move or  are stuck, Reiki can help. You may be trying to figure out whether to change a relationship or job, or what course of action to take in your business or home. Perhaps you want some clarity about what to do about a physical ailment. Reiki helps you relax and get into an intuitive space, and while you're relaxed, your intuition is more available and the answer just might come to you!

    * Feel spiritually connected: As you relax with Reiki, you detach from your everyday cares and worries. Now you can hear the still voice inside of you, most often called your intuition or gut feeling. As you feel more peaceful, you are connecting with your higher self and with spirit. Also, some people find that Reiki helps their intuitive process, so you just might awaken your inner psychic!


Reiki sessions and classes to learn Reiki can be set up with me.  The charges vary based on the time of the session and the type of class. 

60 minute Reiki session $60    

90 minute Reiki session $90

120 minute Reiki session $120

Reiki certification classes for attunements to levels I, II, and III and Master (Teacher) are as follows:

Reiki Level I - a day long class done over the phone, or in person if in the Regina area - $150

Reiki Level II - a day long class done over the phone, or in person if in the Regina area - $250

Reiki Level III & Master Certification - a day long class done over the phone, or in person if in the Regina area - $500

To set up an appointment or learn  more, please  email me at shannongavin20@yahoo.com

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