Anion Sanitary Pads from Winalite

Anion Love Moon Sanitary Napkins

Anion Pads are ultra soft, helping to provide clean, dry, accident protection. Winalite's patented 7 Layer Protection quickly pulls fluid into the core of the pad and keeps it there, to help you stay clean, dry and confident. Tested against leading brands, Anion comes out on top for superior absorption, softness, duration, and gentle, effective bacteria fighting protection. The patented Anion Strip, a revolutionary new technology, is a healthy way to fight against bacteria that causesinfections and odor. Anion Sanitary Napkins have a gently contoured shape with wings that's wide in the center and even wider in the front and back to help give you protection where you need it most-all while remaining sleek and thin. 

* Made of 100% food-grade, fully biodegradable materials. No plastic, bleach, or toxin exposure.
* Negative ion strip kills bacteria & odour while providing health benefits. 
* Customers report lighter, shorter periods, less cramping, diminished PMS, and more. Read our TESTIMONIALS.
* Absorbs 50% more than the leading brand without leaks.

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Watch the short demo below to see what sets these pads apart.

Daytime Pads - Perfect for heavy or normal flow, great for incontinence too.
Nighttime  Pads - No more worries about leaks at night.
Pantyliners - For tampon wearers, lighter days, or just to get daily benefit from the negative ions!
($10/pack or 3/$25 incl. GST)
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Wholesale Dynamic Set (5 month supply):
10 Daytime Packs
4 Nighttime Packs
5 Pantyliner Packs
With FREE Membership: $112 includes GST and Shipping ($5.90/pack) 
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Without FREE Membership:
 $140 + $10 Shipping ($7.89/pack)   Click here to purchase.
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