Unit 1: Identity


Assigned book of the month

Cry Freedom by John Briley

  • Questions for class discussion
  • The film
  • South Africa: country profile
  • BBC review of Cry Freedom 




  • Which do you identify most strongly with? your job, your family, your hometown? Prepare a short presentation and consider the questions in the coursebook 'I am who I am' page 7



The topic of this unit is identity and this word is interpreted in several ways, from how we describe ourselves to others to the differences

 between men and women.

ID Cards in Britain.

Tony Blair said ID cards were needed to tackle the growing problem of identity theft, as well as to enforce security and immigration controls, and to check eligibility for public services. Others think that people should be sceptical about the supposed advantages, and even see a move 'towards a  surveillance society'. Still others think that ID cards will undermine civil liberties on a scale worthy of a police state. Read about the ID card debate in Britain here.

The gender gap.

Consider these statements for discussion:

  1. New research published in the States apparently shows that whereas men react to stress with the "fight or flight" instinct, women's response is to "tend and befriend" ie they gather their friends round them and nurture their relationships.
  2. It seems that gender stereotypes are merely a reflection of innate differences.

Do you think that these two short conversations illustrate the difference between men and women.

 Wanna hear a sexist joke?

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