Teacher-learner contract


                The learner

                I will:

            1.    Respect my teacher and classmates

            2.    Do my homework

            3.    Read in English regularly (assigned books, newspapers, magazines, etc.)

            4.    Be responsible for my learning

            5.    Participate in class actively

            6.    Pay attention

            7.    Motivate myself

            8.    Study as much English as possible

            9.    Come to class regularly and on time

            10.    Check my written work before I give it in

            11.    Use all kinds of learning strategies and resources to improve my English

            12.    Ask questions

            13.    Not talk in Spanish during the English class

            14.    Look for opportunities to practise English outside the classroom

            16.    Evaluate myself

            17.   Make suggestions & propose activities to do in class

            18.    Respect my classmates' turn to speak

            19.    Correct my partners' mistakes when I notice them

            20.    Share my notes with my classmates

                The teacher

                I will:

            1.    Show respect for my students

            2.    Be patient, understanding, encouraging, sympathetic and kind

            3.    Try to make my lessons informative, stimulating, challenging & fun

            4.    Foster a 5C environment: choice, challenge, clarity, confidence & comfort

            5.    Be well prepared to teach class

            6.    Begin and end the class on time

            7.    Use clear speech

            8.    Use variety in my lessons

            9.    Give clear explanations, not mind going over concepts already taught

            10.    Motivate students

            11.    Love my job and the subject

            12.    Elicit students' use of more advanced vocabulary and language structures

            13.    Provide students with authentic materials, handouts, etc.

            14.    Teach students to learn better

            15.    Correct students' mistakes

            16.    Not spend too much time correcting exercises in class

            17.    Evaluate students' progress and let them know personally

            18.    Make the most of the time in class

            19.    Encourage students to talk in English

            20.    Prepare students for examinations

    Signed:    Ana Mercado & the class

    Date: October 2006