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It is vital that language learners get lots of opportunities to hear the language being spoken. They need to get used to the sounds and rhythms of the new language so they can understand it and so they can learn to produce it themselves. Countless students have studied English at school without hearing it spoken much. When they then visit an English-speaking country, perhaps after several years of lessons, they are upset that they cannot understand anything. This is obviously unsatisfactory. We need to ensure that students get lots of exposure to different speakers of English talking about a wide variety of subjects. Lowes, R. & Target, R.: Helping Students to Learn.Richmond 1998


First it was podcasts, now we have videocasts. Teachers' TV is a channel for everyone who works in education, from heads to NQTs, governors to support staff. The programmes take you inside classrooms and schools across the UK to see how good teachers are bringing the curriculum to life and improving schools. Past series:

  • The teaching challenge
  • Inspirations
  • New beginnings

New series:

  • Eat better, do better