Anam Cara is my dream "Start Up" Organisation at the threshold of launching, but I NEED YOUR HELP!!

Let me tell you the story!

My name is John Usher. 

25 Years ago, I saw a vision of a property. This vision was of a piece of ground that had enough facilities on it to host leadership and entrepreneurial development camps and courses for the young people of Southern Africa.

With focus on the youth of South Africa, Anam Cara aims to guide individuals to personal engagement with their own goals and ambition, placing in their hands tools to build the life they seek, and to slot them into a network of professionals and like minded people that can offer support every step of the way.

In my mind, the farm was equipped with facilities to help shape and form the participants experience. I have 25 years experience doing team building and transformation development through experiential learning. I saw the farm with outdoor activities, lessons encouraging interdependence, indoor activities connecting values, beliefs and ambition. Skills taught. Lessons learned. I imagined the young people having the opportunity to connect with and communicate to people already making a success, already with established businesses. I believe that Business South Africa will give back by enabling and mentoring the young people of our nation. 

The Road Trip...

I have spent the past two decades teaching in schools, hosting leadership development courses in school buildings and at facilities-for-rent. I offer business and personal development training, in garages, empty offices and people's homes. Over 8 thousand children have attended the courses in schools spread all over South Africa. As I got older, I realized that I was no closer to owning that property. I was no closer to living my dream. As my dream faded I looked for other avenues to make a living. Five years have passed since I gave up on the Anam Cara Dream. I am currently the Training Manager for a large Government Pharmaceutical Facility providing medical supplies to the government hospitals and clinics spread through Mpumalanga in South Africa. 

Last week  (10/08/2015) I went with a friend to view a property his parents wished to sell. It was a fantastic day. Beautiful people provided warm hospitality. The property is EXACTLY what i had seen twenty five years ago. It was a great day, filled with great people, but I walked away BROKEN. 

The property has easy access to national routes. It is situated in close proximity to three major areas. The property is currently a "going concern" - a guest house, and a few permanent venues for rent. It is neat and functional. It has all the basic facilities that would be needed to get a camp grounds running (minus the ablutions). All the buildings are tidy and together at the entry of the property. Just beyond the buildings are open fields for major outdoor activities. A rocky outcrop rises towards the back of the property, ending in a wooded area. The view from the top is amazing.  The property is everything God told me it would be!!!

So, why am I broken?  The last five years have been a great personal struggle. I had given up on a life long dream and vision that I thought was beyond me. I am recently divorced (probably due to me being a grumpy broken soul). At my lowest point I decided to pick myself up, put together my business once again and move into the future with a positive outlook. As I rise from the ashes I viewed the property. It was heart breaking. I stood confused. Was God rubbing my nose in  "what could have been?" Or is He reminding me of a vision of hope, transformation and relationship? 

The Cross Roads...

On the morning of 11/08/2015, I stood in my shower weeping. Spilled milk becomes sour if you don't clean it. I decided to clean it up and heal. I chose to believe that God is reminding me of a vision of hope, transformation and relationship. As a proud, positive and independent person, I have stuck MY pride in my pocket, because I need help!!!!!!

I need your help! I want to buy the ground, upgrade it, and turn it into the ANAM CARA TRAINING CENTER. I have no logical means to do this. I cannot turn my back on my heart again. So, I am here to ask you to invest a minimal amount to help me get ANAM CARA off the ground!!

Anam Cara Training Support Form

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