"Anaylzing the Driving Distance of a Golfer"

Analyzing the Driving Distance of a Golfer
    By: Jose Montoya
    Team 141, 2014 Supercomputing Challenge Webbased Final Report
Two-hundred-and-ninety-two yards, 272 yards, and 285 yards are just some of the average distances of the most famed golfers of our pastime. These golfers include Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, and Matt Kuchar. All three of these golfers are taller than five feet ten inches and are tour professionals.

I am 5’ 1” and I love to play the game of golf, but I can only hit the golf ball 195 yards. The question is, will I ever be able to be a pro golfer, or does our height limit us to put-putting around? 

My project, Analyzing the driving distance of a golfer, is focused on the height and weight of each golfer and how far they drive the ball off a tee and the carrying and roll of the of the ball using drivers . Using the dependent variable, the distance traveled by the golf ball and the independent variable, the height and weight of each golfer, I will determine the effects of height and weight on the distance of a golf ball.

I participate in golf throughout the year. As an active golfer I chose this project to determine my standards when it comes to maximum and average distances that I will be able to hit a golf ball. My project, Analyzing the distance of a golfer will give me vital information on how height and weight of a person affects the distance of a golf ball and help me develop better course management.

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