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James Larson
Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks

My name is James Larson and I'm an  Aquatic Ecologist with the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks.  I have a Ph.D. in Ecology from the University of Notre Dame, where I was co-advised by Dr Gary Lamberti and Dr David Lodge.   After graduate school I took a postdoc at the University of Oklahoma's Biology Station.  I started working for KDWP in July of 2007.

 I am broadly interested in stream and river ecosystems, but I tend to think mostly about biogeochemistry.  I'm specifically interested in applying concepts and ideas from ecological stoichiometry to biogeochemical questions.  However, I have also worked on projects related to organismal physiology, invasive species, ecotoxicology, and most recently, aquatic organism passage.  

 I've been fortunate to have had amazing collaborators while doing my research.  I've worked extensively with Dr. Paul Frost at Trent University, but I've also collaborated on projects with Konrad Kulacki, Dave Costello, Angela Bobeldyk, Dustin Wilgers and Lauren Kinsman.

 I am semi-maintaining a blog explaining my current job and publishing unique stories that I like to highlight.  The idea was to write really interesting stories and use that space to publish original research on odd-ball topics.  However, I've been busy, and so this has turned into more of a place to show cool pictures of Kansas.  Every now and then I may post something more interesting.