Recinto Universitario de Mayaguez

Rodolfo J. Romañach, Ph.D.

Professor of Chemistry

Ph.D. University of Georgia 1986

Site Leader NSF ERC-SOPS

Current Graduate Students:

Eduardo Hernandez Torres

Barbara Alvarado

Carlos Ortega

Adriluz Sanchez Paternina

Maritza Reyna 

Mariana Leon

Jose Mercado

Pedro Martinez

Fabiola Semidei

Current Undergraduate students

Paola Flores

Nashaly Otero

Daniela M. Rivera

Mariandreina Gutierrez

Gustavo Linares

Research & Action:

Our group is dedicated to analyzing samples on an “as-is” basis without dissolving or affecting the sample. To achieve this goal we work with near infrared spectroscopy and collaborate with a wide scientific community. Most of our collaborations are with researchers from the Engineering Research Center for Structured Organic Particulate Systems (ERC-SOPS, and Janssen Ortho LLC in Gurabo, PR. We also work in close collaboration with Dr. Rafael Mendez from the UPRM Chemical Engineering Department who provides a very valuable particle engineering insight for the problems we attack. But our community has no bounds and extends to Catalunya, Copenhagen, and Cartagena, and we are always ready to expand.

I am very happy to be in this Department, and very grateful to those professors that gave me the opportunity. Times may be tough, but when the “going gets tough, the tough get going”; there are too many exciting contributions for us to do.  We have wonderful students, true rough diamonds for us to polish and make shine. We foresee many good opportunities, and are looking for new undergraduate and graduate students to join our group. We do not want to look back, only forward. 

Our research is progressing with the financial help of the National Science Foundation, Puerto Rico Science Technology and Research Trust, and Janssen Ortho LLC. 

 Analytical & Pharmaceutical Lab

Our group is called the Analytical & Pharmaceutical group since students are equally encouraged to learn about analytical chemistry and pharmaceutics, and present in both pharmaceutical and chemical meetings. Research is an important means for developing human resources in support pharmaceutical manufacturing.  The group's projects include innovative research efforts, and many activities to encourage the transfer of knowledge to pharmaceutical manufacturing sites. 

The mission of the Analytical & Pharmaceutical group is: “Facilitate the development and implementation of Quality by Design manufacturing by supplying scientists, Near Infrared and Raman Spectroscopic methods to the pharmaceutical industry”.

 Research (Process Analytical Technology)

Most analytical labs are distant from the manufacturing site that they service, and analyze samples after the manufacturing process is completed.  The analytical methods carried out by chemists indicate whether the product was manufactured according to the desired specifications.  However, analytical chemistry can be even more productive. The critical process parameters and conditions could be monitored as the process occurs, and this information could be used by chemical engineers to control the process and assure that all products comply with the desired requirements. This real time information could also be used to improve the process. The analytical lab can be embedded within a manufacturing plant, providing real time information to improve the process. This new approach to Quality Assurance and higher efficiency manufacturing processes is what FDA has termed Process Analytical Technology (PAT).

Future manufacturing should  be performed with sensors  to monitor and control manufacturing following PAT concepts.  Quality Control will then be a means for continuous improvement in manufacturing, and an element to increase manufacturing competitiveness.

Research efforts are carried out in collaboration with the NSF Engineering Center on Structured Organic Particulate Systems (, where I am part of the leadership Team, and work in collaboration with scientists from Rutgers, Purdue, NJIT, in efforts that involve researchers from the four universities. 

Our group also collaborates with two emeging companies located in Puerto Rico which are dedicated to providing service in the area of Process Analytical Technology and Quality by Design. 


 The Analytical & Pharmaceutical lab in the Chemistry Department that Dr. Romañach leads is well equipped for vibrational spectroscopy and data analysis. The laboratory includes:


  1. A MPA™ (Multipurpose Analyzer) from Bruker Optics, which is capable of obtaining near infrared transmission spectra for tablets.
  2. A Matrix FT-NIR system from Bruker Optics. 
  3. An Olympus CX-31 Polarized light microscope equipped with a photographic system.
  4. 870 Karl Fischer Titrino Plus system. 
  5. A UV-Vis spectrometer Evolution 60S from Thermo Instruments. 
  6. Accupic 1340 Automatic Gas pycnometer with 10 cm3 sample capacity for obtaining true, absolute, skeletal and apparent volume and density of powders. 

The lab is also well equipped for multivariate analysis. Our group also has Simca chemometrics software , and the MODDE experimental design software. IThe group also uses the MATLAB based PLS toolbox developed by Eigenvector Research, and Unscrambler 10.3 developed by CAMO.  Finally, our lab is also well equipped with basic equipment such as a planetary shaker, sonicator, centrifuge, and an O’Haus Analytical Balance. 


UPR-Mayagüez was the first University where the great potential of Near Infrared Spectroscopy was first recognized by Dr. Owen H. Wheeler, who taught in our University from 1958 – 1976 and who wrote the following articles:

    O.H. Wheeler, Near Infrared Spectra of Organic Compounds, 1959, Chem. Rev., 629 – 666.

    O.H. Wheeler, Near Infrared Spectra A neglected field of Study, Journal of Chemical Education, 1960, 37(5), 234 -236.

Complete List of Publications:

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Undergraduate Research:

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