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Time to Renew Membership Dues

It's time to renew your annual membership dues!  Dues may be paid here on our website or by mail.  Dues paid after July 1 will be credited to the 2015-16 academic year. 

SAF Election: Cast your vote now!

It’s election time!  We have two positions open: SAF Executive Committee member and President.  We also have a proposed amendment to the constitution.  Please find candidate statements and the text of the proposed amendment below.  As you can see, we have had excellent nominations for both positions.  Many thanks to all who have agreed to stand for office!

DIRECTIONS: Voting is open until July 31st at 5 PM (EST).  Vote by copying the ballot below into an email and sending it to the chair of the nominating committee, Susanne Sreedhar, at <>.

You may vote for one person for each position. In order to be eligible to vote you need to be up to date on your SAF dues. If you have not paid your dues, you may vote as long as we receive the dues by July 31st.  

Please vote by putting an X next to the name of the candidate you choose.

Executive Committee (in alphabetical order):
Lauren Freeman (University of Louisville) ________
Ami Harbin (Oakland University) ________
Alice MacLachlan (York University) _________

President (in alphabetical order):
Kate Norlock (Trent University) ________
Lori Watson (University of San Diego) ________

Proposed Amendment: 
Yes: _____
No: _____

Candidates for Executive Committee:
Lauren Freeman: I attended the last SAF meeting and fell in love with the community of scholars I met there. Ever since, I have longed to play a more active role in an organization that is so important for feminist philosophers in particular and for the profession more generally. The work being done by SAF members is of the highest quality and I am committed to promoting it as an SAF committee member. I have extensive experience organizing conferences and coordinating anonymous reviews of papers (both as a conference organizer and as a guest editor of two journals), and I am excited to use these skills and experiences to help continue to build SAF to be a nationally and internationally recognized top-notch organization. Just as importantly, I am also excited to join the other committee members to foster community building between feminist philosophers, which at this time, just as any other, is necessary for both us within the profession and for the profession as a whole. I am an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of Louisville, a core faculty member in the M.A. in Bioethics and Medical Humanities, and an affiliated faculty member in the Department of Women's and Gender Studies. My research primarily focuses on Phenomenology and Feminist Bioethics.

Ami Harbin: I am an Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Women & Gender Studies at Oakland University (Michigan). My research interests include feminist philosophy, moral psychology, emotional experience in health care, mental health ethics, and queer bioethics.  My articles have appeared in Hypatia, International Journal of Feminist Approaches to Bioethics, Journal of Social Philosophy, Bioethics, Journal of Bioethical Inquiry, Dialogue, and Sexualities.  I have served as an elected member of the Society for Analytic Feminism executive since 2013, helping to coordinate special sessions at meetings of the APA, organizing the 2014 election, and bringing together a special session on José Medina’s book The Epistemology of Resistance at the 2015 Central APA in St. Louis.  It has been great working with the SAF executive committee.  I really enjoyed the most recent SAF conference in 2012 at Vanderbilt University, and would be glad to continue to develop bridges between sub-disciplines of feminist philosophy at future SAF events. 

Alice MacLachlan is Associate Professor of Philosophy at York University, where she teaches and writes about issues in moral, political and feminist philosophy, focusing primarily on agency in the aftermath of conflict. She has previously served as President of the Canadian Society for Women in Philosophy, and is a current board member of PIKSI. She is also co-editor of a new, open-access, peer-reviewed journal, Feminist Philosophy Quarterly, along with Samantha Brennan, Carla Fehr, and Kathryn Norlock. Alice has been a member of SAF since 2011, and would be absolutely delighted to serve as an executive member.

Candidates for President:
Kate Norlock: I joined SAF as a feminist philosopher a decade ago, with decent educational background in Analytical philosophy and next to none in Continental philosophy. So I was grateful to find a home for my interests and a place to develop them in the language I'd learned, although I was also eager to serve as review-coordinator for the SAF conference at Vanderbilt on bridging Analytical and Continental traditions! I have previously been an executive committee member, a presenter in SAF sessions at the APA, and an on-and-off member who has always appreciated the site of inquiry that SAF provides at its own conferences and its sessions at other conferences. I'm currently Associate Professor of Philosophy at Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario, and I'm running for President of SAF because when I benefit from the organization so much, I ought to provide some of the service that keeps it going. I'm grateful to Robin Dillon for leading as long as she did!

Lori Watson:  I am Associate Professor of Philosophy at University of San Diego.  My research is at the intersection of feminism, political philosophy, and philosophy of law.  I agreed to run because I think service is important.  I have recently been on the APA-Pacific Program Committee, now in my third year, and have enjoyed that work. I am happy to serve an organization I think does important work in the discipline by developing a platform for feminist work and providing opportunities for community among those doing such work.

Proposed Amendment to the SAF Constitution:
Section 2 of the Society for Analytical Feminist Constitution shall now read:  “The officers shall serve three-year terms. The President and the Secretary/Treasure shall not be elected in the same year. The other two officers shall not be elected in the same year as each other. Officers serving at the time of the adoption of the amendment will have their terms extended to 3 years from the date of their most recent election. Unexpected vacancies may be filled by the Executive Committee until such time as an election may be held.”


SAF now has merchandise for sale that features our logo.  

CFP: Critical Philosophy of Race: Race, Immigration, and Refugees

Guest Editor: Dr. Natalie Cisneros (Seattle University)
In the second half of 2014 President Obama’s plan to take executive action and the growing German anti-immigrant movement both drew international attention and renewed debates about immigration in the twenty-first century. As these and other, similar conversations about immigration have gained increasing urgency, global migration has emerged as a central concern of communities, nations, and citizens in the contemporary world. At both the national and international level, questions of the relationship among race, ethnicity, and national identity have been a central feature of debates about the treatment of immigrants and refugees. As such, recent national and international debate and political action have underscored how inextricably linked concerns about race are to concerns about global migration; conversations about immigration and refugees are also conversations about race, racism, and racialization.
To further investigate the political and philosophical questions raised by global migration and responses to it, Critical Philosophy of Race seeks contributions for a special issue on “Race, Immigration, and Refugees.” This special issue will feature critical philosophical work that seeks to understand how race, racism, and racialization function with respect to global migration, the experiences of migrants, and their treatment by communities, states, and transnational bodies. We welcome essays addressed to critical philosophers of race as well as work across the disciplines. We particularly encourage contributions that are working in postcolonial, transnational, disability, queer, and trans studies.
For consideration, essays of no more than 6,000 words are due by January 20, 2016.  Please submit online at Please direct any questions to

APA's 2015 Gregory Kavka/UC Irvine Prize in Political Philosophy

SAF is pleased to announce that the APA's 2015 Gregory Kavka/UC Irvine Prize in Political Philosophy has been awarded to our Secretary/Treasurer, Carol Hay (University of Massachusetts Lowell), for "The Obligation to Resist Oppression," chapter 4 of her book Kantianism, Liberalism, and Feminism: Resisting Oppression

The Kavka Prize is awarded every other year in odd years to the author of a paper in a refereed journal, an original book chapter, or an original essay published in a collection with a multiplicity of contributors, from any area of political philosophy and political theory.