The Analy Solar Story

On November 9th, 2011, Analy High School, home of the Analy Tigers, became home to a brand new Photovoltaic (PV) solar electric system. That was day that the West Sonoma Union High School District officially dedicated Analy's PV system culminating months of planning and work by district officials, educators, students, parents and community members. Analy, along with district schools El Molino High School and Laguna High School now have PV systems generating approximately 75% of their electricity demands at a cost savings of $297,500 a year to the school district. Additionally, the system is predicted to offset 8,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions during its 25-year life span.

“If the district didn’t have this [solar] system, 
then we would slowly be corroding into bankruptcy.”

Keller McDonald, Superintendent, West Sonoma Union High School District, addressing the Analy Eco Action class

Dedication Day
The ribbon cutting ceremony was attended by students, educators, school board members and many individuals who helped plan and install the PV system. Analy's Eco Action class was present to host the guests and members of the Analy Honor Choir provided entertainment. The ceremony gave testament to the many individuals who worked for and supported the installation of Analy's PV system.

Generating Energy and Shade
The first part of Analy's PV system was installed in 2005 atop the Tech Shop (shown above). That system, at only 30 kWdc, was the beginning of a larger solar vision for the entire school district. Plans were soon put in place for Phase II and a 461 kWdc system to be installed on new car port structures in the student parking lot. Building new structures to support the solar arrays seems an odd choice when so much roof top area is available on the existing school building. The benefit comes in the speed of obtaining permits and the lack of potential delays due to problems or upgrades of the existing school building. The template for building free standing solar arrays has allowed more schools in California to build more quickly PV systems and benefit from generating their own electricity. Of course, the students also enjoy the benefit of parking in the shade, and the night time lighting improves security.

Analy's system is part of a district-wide plan along with El Molino High School and Laguna High School. All three systems were installed by RGS Energy using SunPower solar panels manufactured in California. Using solar shade structures and ground mounts, it took just four months for RGS Energy to install a combined 834kW of  solar power at the three schools. 

Project Overview
        Locations: Analy High School
        Date Completed: September 2011
        System Size: 461 kWdc
        PV Surface Area: 45,800 square feet
        Number of Panels: 1440
        Products: SunPower E19 Series 320 Solar Module ARRA, Satcon & SMA inverters

Project Poster
Click on the image above to download an Analy High School Solar System poster.