This site contains
A. Octave and Matlab scripts that can be used to collect piano data and analyze it.
B. A guide to setting up the directories and paths needed for the Matlab and Octave scripts referred to in the book, "Spectral Analysis of Musical Sounds with Emphasis on the Piano".
C. Some advice on how to collect the piano note sounds using Octave, Matlab or Matlab Home.
D. Matlab scripts used to construct the figures in the book.
E. Matlab support scripts
G. YouTube videos on subjects related to Sound, Vibrations and Pianos.
H. Since the book went to press (material that I have been working on lately that is not in the book)
       This material is usually updated with new results.
I.  A blurb about the author.
J. The table of contents for the book.
K. The Preface for the book.
L. Errata. Please spend a few moments checking these errors out.
M. MP3 Files Cited in the book.
N. MIscellanea: A collection of comments on the subject of this site taken from the Internet.
O. Support for the Piano Technicians Journal Series. (A five part series to appear early in 2018).

There is also a Facebook page entitled "Piano Data for Spectral Analysis" (https://www.facebook.com/PianoData4SpecAn) that contains references to a Boxnet folder where the waves for 88 keys of a Knabe grand piano are available for analysis. Several graphs are shown resulting from applying Matlab scripts that are available for downloading in this site's section E. In a manner similar to section H in this site, the Facebook page contains results developed since the book went to press.

Warning!! There are Matlab scripts available for downloading in several places on this site. They all work on my PC but they are not battle-tested and might not work on yours. If there are questions or comments, contact me at

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