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Vocoder musictracks (LP list)by W.E.R.Davies (Richard)

Electric Light Orchestra,
Out Of The Blue (1977):
Sweet talking woman, Stepping out, Mr. blue sky, The whale
Tim Souster,
Tim Souster (1977):
Music from Afar
Krafwerk ,
the Man-Machine (1979):
the Robots, Spacelab, the Man-Machine
Bruno Spoerri,
Voice Of Taurus (1978):
Hym of taurus, Hallo world
Bruno Spoerri,
the Sound Of The Ufo's (1979):
Destination galaxy M8I, Sun spots
Stevie Wonder,
Secrets Life Of Plants (1979):
Earth creation, Race babbling, A seed's a star and three
Stevie Wonder,
Songs In The Key Of Life (1976):
Ebony eyes
Giorgio Moroder,
E=MC2 (1979):
Baby blue, I wanna rock you, E=MC2
Will Malone,
All This And World War I:
You never give me your money
Curved Air,
Phantasmagoria (1972):
Whose shoulder are you looking over anyway?
Stand By (1979):
Bolero part II
Herbie Hancock,
Feets Don't Fail Me Now (1979):
You bet your love, Trust me, Ready or Not, Tell everybody, Money from the Jar
Godley and Creme,
Freeze Frame (1979):
Random Brainwave, I pity anaminate objects, Clues
Giorgio Moroder,
From Here To Eternity (1977):
From here to eternity, Faster than the speed of love, Los Angelos, First hand experience, I am left, you are right, Too hot to handle
Status Quo,
All This And World War I:
Getting better
Walter Carlos/Rachel Elkind,
A Clockwork Orange:
Country lane, A march from a clockwork orange
Looking For Saint Tropez (1979):
Moskow Diskow, Pakmovast, Ca plane pour moi, Some day/Un jour, Rock around the clock
Radio Activity (1975):
The voice of energy, Radio stars, Uranium, Ohm sweet ohm, Radioland, Airwaves
Yellow Magic,
Yellow Magic (1979):
Simoon, Yellow magic, La femma Chinoise
Alvin Lucier,
Extented Voices (1967):
North American time capsule
Steve Hillage,
Green (1978):
Ether ships
Steve Hillage,
Open (1979):
Open, Definite activity, Don't dither do it, The fire inside
Godley and Creme,
Consequence (1976):
Wind and fireworks
Herbie Hancock,
Sunlight (1978):
I thought it was you, Come running to me, Sunlight
Tonto's Expending Head Band,
Zero Time (1971):
Circumvion (1978):
Day by day, Keep control