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Roland CMU-800R

Roland CMU-800R, Compu Music

Roland DG Infosheet Apr 1983, posted october 2001

  • This new peripheral is on the verge of bringing the computer age full-fledged into the musical world

  • The CMU-800R is a new dimension computer peripheral which allows free composing and arranging, as well as automatic performance. This unit features a host of functions, real musical instrument sound from its build-in sound source, and a wide variety of musical nuances such as slur, staccato, accent, and legato, plus an added function to control eight external synthesisers. Its is not an extention of a simple hobby computer as represented by conventional games.
    The CMU-800R is the very first unit to proclaim the arrival of a real computer age in the musical genre. Each computer is provided with a software package for easier programming and advanced editing functions. Now, music fans with no particular knowledge of computers or computer operators who cannot play a musical instrument can both compose and arrange at their option as well as enjoy automatic playback.

  • Powerful software package
  • The CMU-800R delivers its maximum performance with its separately available software package. With this software package, anybody will be able to handle the CMU-800R efficiently. The software package includes the CMU-800R control function and edit function for music data preparation.
    The edit function allows you to do difficult types of screen editing on the CRT monitor connected to the computer. So, sequence editing and modification can be done in amazingly short time.


  • Complete built-in sound source for a real music sound
  • In addition to melody, bass and chord (4 notes), the CMU-800R has seven percussion instruments sounds, i.e. bass drum, snare drum, low tam, high tam, cymbal and open/closed hi-hats for rhythm patterns. All other sounds have decay and sustain (melody only) effects.
    In addition, each part can be level-mixed with a slider volume control, and playback tempo can be varied as you desire. The CMU-800R is a product of Roland DG, an electronic musical instrument manufacturer, and built to give a new dimension in sound creation.

  • Expandibility, a more sophisticated music system
  • The CMU-800R needs an amp and speaker to produce sound. In combination with an effect unit, mixeer, tape deck or the like, a more complete sound is created. The CMU-800R is able to operate up to eight external synthesiers simultaneously with its CV & gate outputs.
    Clock In/Out permit synchronous performance with external rhythm machines and percusion synthesisers. The more-you-play-the more-fun-you-have CMU-800R is superbly expandible into a more sophisticated computer music systems.