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Roland ADA 200

Roland ADA-200R, A/DA converter

Roland DG Infosheet Apr 1983

  • Designed for professionals, this A/D/A converter substantially improves computer availability

  • This general-purpose A/D/A converter combines aan analog-to-digital converter with a digital-to-analog converter in a compact package. Unlike conventinal on-board A/D and D/A converters with their handling difficulties, the ADA-200R has both A/D and D/A conversion functions, as wel as all othere required functions in a beautiful, sturdy case.
    This cost-effictive unit is probably the very best, the one that professionals have long waited for. The ADA-200R is capable of controlling input and output signals between a computer and a variety of analog devices including electronic musical instruments, audio equipment, and measuring instruments for such major applications as wave memory, data preparation from sound waveform analysis/synthesis/recognition, synthesiser and laser control, joy stick, paddle, and waveform generator. Thus, computer versatility is substantially improved.

  • Every required function in a compact package
  • The ADA-200R consists of an input pre-amp, input filter, sample and hold circuits, output filter, over-level detector circuit, trigger detector circuit, I/O address decoder, power supply unit, and A/D-D/A converters
    It is provided with two connectors for optional printed circuit boards, one of them is a 2-channel expansion unit (OP-1) that ficilitates signal comparsion.


  • Any modification to suit particular application
  • ADA-200R software and hardware are both accessible to the user. Thus, users can modify and alter their units as they wish and control them with original programs. Also, they can increase the number of inputs and outputs, or widen the application scope by changing expansion boards.

  • Other features
  • The ADA-200R displays excessive input, A/D conversion start/trigger, and input standby status with its LEDs for simplified operation. With output control signals to external output equipment, it easy, for example, to trigger an oscilloscope or to control analog pen recorder lowering and start.