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Synton Spx 216


  • Information Sheet by Synton Holland, date/year ?


Until now vocoders have been used mostly to create the 'talking instrument', where speech is imposed upon a carrier signal, typically a keyboard sound. Other eftects such as artificial speech, robot voices and cross- synthesis, modulation, could only be obtained with highly accurate, expensive vocoders teaturing many channels ot high order fiItering.
  • Syntovox SPX 216 is the latest vocoder design by Synton where two concepts merge: the famous intelligibility of Syntovox22l, and the cost-effectiveness ot the popular Syntovox 222. Squeezed into a single unit 19 inch rack mount case, Syntovox SPX 216 carries more features than any other vocoder on the market obsoleting not only its competitors, but also its predecessors 221 and 222.
  • Carefully trimmed tilters provide a smooth and artistically pleasing sound quality when the SPX 216 is used for musical applications. Intelligibility and controlability of artificial voices have been improved by innovative design of speech and carrier inputs. and by an electronic matrix. giving tormant shifts up or down by push button or remote control. True stereo output. a tantalizing multi-pin rear panel connection giving access to 30 control inputs and outputs and its superior sound quality make Syntovox SPX 216 indispensable for anyone involved in sound processing. Call your dealer for a demo!
  • Unique Features: 14 channel analysis/synthesis Low frequency roll-off filter on mic input LED level indication on speech and carrier inputs Voice circuit Built-in noise generator Built-in VCO with doubling circuit Bypass Remote status control Multiconnector for external patching Formant shift facility Cleanfeed on speech and carrier Stereo