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Roland VP 330


  • Roland Info Sheet 1979
  • Vocoder Plus... It Expands,Your Musical Dimensions Three Ways.

  • The Roland Vocoder Plus is a totally new concept in polyphonic keyboards, which employs Vocoder circuitry to achieve a new degree of keyboard instrument versatility.

  • The Vocoder Plus contains three tone-generating sections: Vocoder, Human Voice, and Strings, which may be independently assigned to cover the whole keyboard, or either the upper or lower half. Each half of the keyboard feeds into a separate output so that the Vocoder Plus may be run in stereo.

  • The String section produces orchestral string sounds that are silky and warm feeling, and most importantly, consistent throughout the entire length of the keyboard. The Tone and Attack Time of the String section can be controlled inependently, and the Release Time is hared with the two other sections.

  • The Human Voice section literally defies description with its uncanny resemblance to a chorus of human voices. The upper half of the keyboard contains one female and one male chorus, while the lower half contains two male choruses. There is also an ensemble effect which increases the dimension of the vocal chorus.

  • The Vocoder section, like our rack-mounting Vocoder (SVC-350), processes the spoken or sung human voice (program), analyzing its character and using this information to modify another musical signal (carrier). The Vocoder section uses ten analysis filters for vowel sounds, and there is also an additional filter that is used for consonants. The Vocoder section uses as a carrier signal the combined components of the Human Voice and String section.

  • When used independently or together, the three sections of the Vocoder Plus give an incredible new dimension to any keyboard set-up. In a live performance, the Vocoder Plus can be used to strengthen a band's vocal capabilities by literally adding a chorus of voices singing the same vocal part. The addition of the String section's instrumental voicings make the Vocoder even more integral to a performance. The Vocoder section's capabilities as a lead instrument are also many and varied. A feature unique to Roland's Vocoders is a special Hold function that locks on to a vowel sound so that it doesn't have to be continually repeated while you play the keyboard. The flexibility of the Vocoder Plus makes it a natural in a recording studio. Due to its ability to accept many types of program inputs, (including other musical instruments), the Vocoder Plus can be used in a wide variety of studio situations. For example, a harmony part can be added to a vocal track by feeding the voice track through the Vocoder section and merely playing the keyboard in harmony to it. The advantage of this Over a conventional harmonizer is obvious in that the musical interval can be easily varied by the keys as this is not possible on a harmonizer.

  • The Vocoder Plus contains a Balance control between all sections as well as Vibrato controls that allow selection of both rate and depth. In addition, a Delay control allows the Vibrato to be delayed up to ten seconds before it enters. The Microphone Input will accept either a standard phone plug or an XLR connector.

  • SPECIFICATIONS · 49 notes · STRINGS SECTION, Tone Tablets: upper Strings 4, Lower Strings 4 : Control Knob: Attack Time, Tone · RELEASE CONTROL: Strings. Human voice, Vocoder . HUMAN VOICE SECTION, Tone Tablets: Female 4, Male 8 upper, Male 4, Male 8 Lower; Control Tablets: Ensemble ON/OFF; Control Knob: Attack Time · VOCODER SECTION, Tone Tablets: upper 8', Lower 8'; Control Tablets: Ensemble ONIOFF; Control Knob: Tone, Microphone Gain (1dB) · VIBRATO for HUMAN VOICE and VOCODER, Control Knob: Depth, Rate, Delay Time · BALANCE, Volume Control: Strings, Human Voice, Direct Mic. · EXT. SYNTH. VOLUME · PHONES VOLUME · MASTER VOLUME · PITCH SHIFT CONTROL: Pitch Slider, Pitch Set, Time, Pitch Mode Switch (Auto-Off/Ext-Manual) · CONNECTION JACKS, Input Jacks: Mic.Std, Mic.Cannon, Ext.Synth : Output Jacks: Stereo or Mono Level select ; Vocoder Hold Control, Pitch/ Shift Control, Phones Output Jack · DIMENSIONS 905(W) X 370(D) X 145(H)mm (35.6 X 14.6X 5) Specifications subiect to change without Printed in Japan 140319 7C