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Spy Camera In Toilet

spy camera in toilet
    spy camera
  • A hidden camera is a still or video camera used to film people without their knowledge. The camera is "hidden" because it is either not visible to the subject being filmed, or is disguised as another object.
  • A large bowl for urinating or defecating into, typically plumbed into a sewage system and with a flushing mechanism
  • a plumbing fixture for defecation and urination
  • A room, building, or cubicle containing one or more of these
  • gutter: misfortune resulting in lost effort or money; "his career was in the gutter"; "all that work went down the sewer"; "pensions are in the toilet"
  • a room or building equipped with one or more toilets
  • The process of washing oneself, dressing, and attending to one's appearance
spy camera in toilet - Astak CM-A815
Astak CM-A815 Color Pinhole Spy Camera
Astak CM-A815 Color Pinhole Spy Camera
Do you want a video camera system that installs in a few minutes and transmits up to 300 feet away? The ASTAK CM-A815 2.4GHz Wireless Mini Color Camera does this and a lot more. Included in the package are one mini size camera and one multi-channel receiver. You can watch the live video on any TV set. You can also record the video directly to your VCR or DVR. The camera deliver 380 TV lines high-resolution video images. Best part: no drilling through walls or wiring anywhere… be a Pro in minutes. High quality color images: 380TV lines clear picture display. Tiny size for discreet observation & portability. 4-channels available to avoid interference. Built-in microphone for audio monitoring. Built-in channel switch. The world’s smallest pinhole wireless color camera Small enough to put up anywhere, just connect to your TV or VCR No wiring needed, easy installation Video output: RCA jack. Electronic shutter: 1/50-1/10,000 second. Transmission distance: 150-300 feet line of sight. (Reduced through obstacle such as walls)

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Day 207 - Smile (and wave with your free hand Or Something), you're on Candid Camera!
Day 207 - Smile (and wave with your free hand Or Something), you're on Candid Camera!
Always in focus / You can't feel my stare I zoom into you / You don't know I'm there I take a pride in probing all your secret moves My tearless retina takes pictures that can prove I'm made of metal / My circuits gleam I am perpetual / I keep the country clean I'm elected, electric spy I'm protected, electric eye -- Judas Priest "Electric Eye" Buildup: The restrooms at my work have these motion detector sensors on the toilets, urinals, and sinks. The toilets and urinals flush when a person moves away from the bowl, the sinks dispense water when one's hands are positioned under the faucet. The sensors for the potty-devices are battery operated, therefore eventually the batteries need replacement. And the way that the sensors demonstrate that they're low on power is to flash an LED or two, plus beep about every 45 seconds. There appear to be five places behind the glass plate for LEDs, and in the lower left corner is the motion detector. One difference between the urinal units and the toilet units is that the toilet units have a button on them for manual flushing, where the urinals do not have this override option. Story: One of the urinals currently needs its sensor battery changed. (Good luck with that, the cleaning crew doesn't work on Fridays or weekends. You do the math what the end result will look like, by Monday evening.) So every five seconds, the yellow light at the left blinks. Every 20 seconds, the green light at the right blinks. Every 45 seconds, there's a beep. To the uninformed, the lights and sounds bring to mind recording equipment and the "camera" is aimed right at the pissoir's users' pride and joy. Some of my coworkers play a game where they attempt to use the facilities without making the sensor trip. Some are pretty good at it with the urinals. A few even are so good that they can leave a huge steaming dump in the toilet without it flushing, so that it awaits the next user... "howdy-doo" or "linger-log" are the technical names for that. The sinks, they play their own game -- they of their own volition will start spraying water for a couple seconds then stop, without a human within five feet. It took me about 20 shots with my cell phone camera to get the timing right to catch the LEDs, and it's a very good thing no one walked in during that period.
2357 AD Rimrunners
2357 AD Rimrunners
Digital Camera--Meet Elizabeth Yeager, "Spacer, Machinist , temp" A refugee waiting for a ship to call home, Bet Yeager was once a marine. Now she's on the run. In this world Yeager has hit bottom, she's jobless, homeless, & starving on Thule, a nearly abandoned station in the by-passed Hinder Stars.Sleeping in toilets, killing to save her body, stealing to stay alive, she feels her hopes die ...... until the LOKI docks. It's a spook: a mercenary warship barely legitamized by Alliance documents as a free-lance bounty hunter & spy vessel--a ship whose captian has no qualms about signing on a "machinist" with no papers & a shady past, not to mention over her head. But escape from Thule is Thule is no refuge, for LOKI is crewed by Bet Yeager's sworn enemies. The spooks are hunting the remnant of the earth Company fleet,,,,,fliers consinderd outlaws only because they lost the war

spy camera in toilet
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