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Op Tech Camera Straps

op tech camera straps
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op tech camera straps - OP/TECH USA
OP/TECH USA 1501012 Pro Strap for cameras and binoculars- neoprene (Black)
OP/TECH USA 1501012 Pro Strap for cameras and binoculars- neoprene (Black)
The OP/TECH PRO STRAP™ is rapidly becoming the choice of professional photographers and people who use large cameras with long heavy lenses. It's also ideal for use on portable power packs. The patented weight reduction system makes the PRO STRAP absolutely essential for prolonged use of a heavy camera or portable power pack. Equipment instantly feels 50% lighter and 100% more comfortable when using a PRO STRAP. The weight is evenly dispersed while the strap functions as a shock absorber to eliminate neck and shoulder fatigue. The Non Slip Grip™ adds the finishing touch which enables camera gear to be safely carried slung over the shoulder. You'll definitely feel the difference!
This strap uses OP/TECH USA's 3/8" (9.5mm) Connector Systems for added adjustability. The 3/8" (9.5mm) webbing connectors fit easily through tight connection areas.

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New Toys!
New Toys!
Gitzo 1541T Traveler Tripod Markins Q3T Traveler with Lever Release Really Right Stuff L-Plate OP/TECH Adapt-Its I've been looking a while now for the perfect tripod system. My requirements were pretty easy: compact and light weight, quick to setup, compatible with a sling strap (preferably an R-Strap since this is what I already have), and inexpensive. While this seemed easy enough, things got a lot easier when I removed the "inexpensive" requirement. At that point, the only difficult part was sling strap compatibility. My previous tripod was a Manfrotto and I was sick of removing the plate every time I wanted to to use the tripod. After doing some research, I found Adapt-Its! These things are awesome, and I was able to capture one between the camera body and L-plate strap lug. I was a little concerned about their strength before ordering, but after reading some forums and reviews on B&H, apparently these things are virtually indestructible! While expensive, I love this kit! I can't wait to break it in next week while on vacation!!!
Op/Tech USA: camera strap w/ pad
Op/Tech USA: camera strap w/ pad
This shot shows the underside of the padded, stretchy strap; showing the rubber-nub system that keeps the strap ON YOUR SHOULDER -- where you NEED it to remain!! Ergonomically designed and constructed, the strap FITS your shoulder contour. Very important for secure fit, camera safety, rapid access and day-long comfort: standing, walking, trotting or running full-tilt!

op tech camera straps
op tech camera straps
OP/TECH USA 5301002 Stabilizer Strap (Black)
Now you don't have to leave your camera behind when bicycling, skiing or hiking. Moving quickly through crowds, brush or even tackling a rough hiking trail can be done without fear of damaging expensive cameras. Your hands are free while the neoprene STABILIZER STRAP holds the camera close to your body. You have quick and easy access to the camera by merely stretching the neoprene STABILIZER STRAP over the camera lens for quick removal. It's not necessary to use the quick disconnect to access the camera. There's no need for a complicated harness as the STABILIZER STRAP can be quickly added to any strap and removed when the added stability is not necessary. The STABILIZER STRAP is fully adjustable from 19 to 55 inches and can be easily customized by merely cutting the webbing to the desired length. The quick disconnect makes the strap easy to attach and remove. Ideal for the active photographer!

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