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Vintage Geneva Watches

vintage geneva watches
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  • Geneva (Geneva, ; Geneve, ; Genf, ; Ginevra; Genevra) is the second-most-populous city in Switzerland (after Zurich) and is the most populous city of Romandie (the French-speaking part of Switzerland).
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Dirk's Pockets - Have you seen this (Dirk) man?????
Dirk's Pockets - Have you seen this (Dirk) man?????
I have put out an All Points Bulletin for Dirk. These are the items I found in his pants pockets (he left In a hurry upon hearing Briedah knew where he was. A big hurry). The Authorities and I have reached a couple conclusions with these hints – I want to share them with you in case you have an opportunity to help me out. As you can see on the bottom of the photo he has pictures of other females – I think some of these items belong to them – since those aren’t MY earrings – and they may be good leads. For one thing I see an antique nail file – while we were on our whirlwind trip around the world we stopped in a salon in Geneva that sported vintage costumes and ambience. Dirk went into the back room while I had my nails done. . …. Also I see a rare butterfly - currently on the Extinct List – the Blue Dotted Imperial. We met a Lepidopterist in Flanders that invited us to his home. While I was learning about the Blue Dotted Imperial Dirk – who is not very science minded – was given a tour by the Drs “spinster” sister. Dirk returned with lipstick on his collar that he claimed was mine. I don’t wear lipstick. . .. . While in Switzerland we went to the Clockworks where famous Swiss watches, etc are manufactured. He seems to have a few spare parts in his pocket and I recognize that brown eyed beauty as the receptionist there. Bastard. Rusty’s is a bar in Holdingford where I work – that could be mine or he could have gotten his own that night he said he was helping the ambulance driver clear up the incident on Route 7. . . . He has a few Alien artifacts and a couple of these “women” look like aliens to me! That could be the jealousy speaking though – I am trying to remain objective. And the most upsetting item of all – a Humphrey campaign button – the man has been dead for 30 years. Dirk’s possession of it is quite a mystery. I also want to ask Briedah if she is one of these women or remembers any of them from her brief affair with Dirk in 1968???? It would really be helpful – I know you don’t want me to find Dirk but the truth is about to come out – we also have a Love Child.
Vintage Working Watch Necklace, Vintage Sapphire Blue Jewel and Small Skeleton Key
Vintage Working Watch Necklace, Vintage Sapphire Blue Jewel and Small Skeleton Key
Vintage Working Watch Necklace...Repurposed The vintage watch is working and the brand is Geneva, a quartz watch with Japan Movement. Above the watch is a vintage glass jewel in Dark Sapphire blue and dangling below the watch is a small vintage skeleton key. All are hung from a 19" vintage s chain with a spring ring clasp.

vintage geneva watches
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