Elgin Watch Pocket

elgin watch pocket
    watch pocket
  • fob: a vest pocket to hold a pocket watch
  • a small pocket located along the front waistband of pants or shorts
  • Elgin is a city in Bastrop and Travis Counties in the U.S. state of Texas. The population was 5,700 at the 2000 census. By 2005, the population grew to an estimated 8,689.
  • Elgin (also known as Elgin—Norfolk) was a federal electoral district represented in the Canadian House of Commons from 1935 to 1997. It was located in the province of Ontario. This riding was created in 1933 from parts of Elgin West and Norfolk—Elgin ridings.
  • Elgin is one of three stations on Metra's Milwaukee District/West in Elgin, Illinois. The station is away from Union Station, the eastern terminus of the line. In Metra's zone-based fare system, Elgin is in zone H.
  • An industrial city in northeastern Illinois, west of Chicago, formerly noted for its watch manufacturing; pop. 94,487

Elgin WWII GCT pocket watch on black and plexiglass
Elgin WWII GCT pocket watch on black and plexiglass
So I was messing around in my little makeshift studio today. On the table, I laid down a black sheet. Over that, I laid down a piece of plexiglass. Then I moved the key light (with a softbox) low and on the other side of the subject from the camera. I didn't use a fill light, here. Instead, I strategically placed a white piece of cardboard. I also put a polarizer on the lens to knock down the glare from the crystal. On this shot, I forgot that I had my ISO set at 400. I later fixed it for the shots of the rifle. About the watch: This is a gift from my parents. According to a database search I did with the serial number off the movement, this watch was manufactured in 1942. Watches of this type were used by the Army Air Corps for navigation in long-range bombers. The "GCT" stands for Greenwich Civil Time, to which these watches were supposed to be set. This particular watch, however, has no military markings on the rear of the case. But stamped into the inside of the rear of the case are the words "CASED AND TIMED BY ELGIN NATIONAL WATCH COMPANY". The watch has survived the last almost 70 years very well. The chain, by the way, is not part of the original watch set. It was added for the purposes of display (the watch was originally given to me hung in a beautiful glass bell - now a victim of the movers who packed my stuff in NC) and safe carrying.
Elgin Pocket Watch 02.05.09
Elgin Pocket Watch 02.05.09
I need to track down exactly who had this watch... either my Grandfather or a Great Uncle. I hear it ticking now... and I had forgotten all about that sound.. I use to hear it so much

elgin watch pocket
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