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Earth Pool Filter

earth pool filter
    pool filter
  • (POOL FILTERS) May filter dirt from the water at the cartridge surface or allow penetration of smaller suspended particles into internal interstices.
  • the 3rd planet from the sun; the planet we live on; "the Earth moves around the sun"; "he sailed around the world"
  • Drive (a fox) to its underground lair
  • hide in the earth like a hunted animal
  • connect to the earth; "earth the circuit"
  • Cover the root and lower stem of a plant with heaped-up earth
  • (of a fox) Run to its underground lair
earth pool filter - Hayward EC50C93S
Hayward EC50C93S Perflex 1-1/2-Horsepower Extended-Cycle D.E. Filter Pool System
Hayward EC50C93S Perflex 1-1/2-Horsepower Extended-Cycle D.E. Filter Pool System
Hayward DE Filter Systems and Tanks 1.5 Hp Perflex Extended-Cycle D.E. filters have set the standard by incorporating the patented Flex-Tube design in combination with D.E. filter powder-the most efficient dirt-remover known for superior water filtration. Now with easy-access clamp assembly and exclusive bump handle to activate the Flex-Tubes, causing them to instantly purge themselves of dirt and powder. No backwashing required. All systems include filter, Matrix pump, modular all-weather base, and pump-to-filter connection kit. Turnover in gallons for 8 hours 24,000 Pump Size 1 1/2 H.P. Why choose Hayward? Because for over 80 years, Hayward has been helping pool owners enjoy the pleasures of pool ownership by manufacturing cutting edge, technologically advanced pool equipment. Hayward's products that heat, clean, light and control your pool, are engineered to meet the heavy demands of clean water flow. Hayward's rugged equipment works hard so you don't have to. Hayward can help you make the most of your backyard oasis!

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The colour of water
The colour of water
Water is very transparent in the blue but the absorption increases towards the red end of the spectrum due to vibrational transitions in the water molecule, H_2O. The swimming pool in the photograph is 2.1m deep and the sides and bottom are a light grey colour (almost white). The blue water in the left-hand image is due to this intrinsic absorption of red light. In the normal visible colour image on the left, the water is very transparent and you see clearly to the bottom. The light returning from the bottom to your eye dominates over the image of the wall and trees reflected from the surface of the water (although you can still see them weakly) The image on the right is taken with my Sony DSC-F717 camera in 'night-shot' mode with an RG780 IR filter. This has a bandpass shown in the spectrum above as 'Bandpass_RG780' which is the faint brown dashed line which peaks close to 800nm (the dashed red curve is the bandpass for an alternative filter, RG715, which accepts shorter wavelength light). This plot also shows the transmission of 5.5cm depth of water from my own observation (black line) and two papers published by: D. J. Segelstein, "The complex refractive index of water," University of Missouri-Kansas City, 1981 and by G. M. Hale and M. R. Querry, "Optical constants of water in the 200nm to 200µm wavelength region," Appl. Opt., 12, 555-563, 1973 (dark and light blue lines respectively - but note that their measurements were for highly pure water). At 800nm, the water absorbs a significant amount of light: 10% for just a few centimetres of depth. This means that essentially no IR light reaches the bottom of the pool and so the water looks black: it is an almost perfect absorber. With no light emerging from the pool, the reflections from the surface are much more prominent: hence you see the wall and trees clearly - as well as the two leaves floating on the surface. Water is extremely opaque over almost the entire electromagnetic spectrum from X-rays through to metre-length radio waves. The only exception is what we call the 'water hole' in the visible part of the spectrum where the transparency is very high. This remarkable property of water is crucial for the delevopment of photosynthetic life on the Earth since, without it, sunlight could not reach below the water surface or, indeed, even into water-containing plant leaves. The bright foliage at this wavelength contributes to the visibility of the reflection. Since the main photosynthetic action of chlorophyll uses light at around 680nm, seaweeds growing at depths below a few metres need the presence of 'auxilliary pigments' to harvest bluer light for them. This is why deep-growing seaweeds are usually brown or reddish due to the addition of pigments such as phycoerythrin.
Mana Pools - The Sunset
Mana Pools - The Sunset
Light beams on Zambezi River not long before sunset… The musical background of this place= hippopotamus’ guttural laughing, hyenas’ hysterical laughing, frogs’ burping and some lions roaring, I must say that I felt the earth trembling!*Lol* The most important thought I had in that day… Feeling alive and free!!! A luz irradia sobre o Rio Zambezi, nao muito antes do por-do-sol! O fundo musical neste pedaco = gargalhadas guturais dos hipopotamos, risadas histericas das hienas, coaxar gargarejantes dos sapos e alguns leoes rugindo, devo dizer que senti o chao tremer!*Lol* O pensamento o mais importante que eu tive nesse dia… Sentir estar viva e livre!!! MANA POOLS – ZAMBEZI RIVER ZIMBABWE – ZIMBABUE Camera: Nikon F5 Film Type: Ektachrome Color Reversal Film E100 Lens: AF-S Zoom Nikkor 28-85mm w/polarizing filter Weather Conditions: Clear – Winter Time of Day: Late afternoon after 06:00 pm Lighting Techniques: Natural light

earth pool filter
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