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Elgin Pocket Watch Pictures

elgin pocket watch pictures
    pocket watch
  • a watch that is carried in a small watch pocket
  • A watch on a chain, intended to be carried in the pocket of a jacket or vest
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  • An industrial city in northeastern Illinois, west of Chicago, formerly noted for its watch manufacturing; pop. 94,487
  • Elgin is one of three stations on Metra's Milwaukee District/West in Elgin, Illinois. The station is away from Union Station, the eastern terminus of the line. In Metra's zone-based fare system, Elgin is in zone H.
  • Elgin (also known as Elgin—Norfolk) was a federal electoral district represented in the Canadian House of Commons from 1935 to 1997. It was located in the province of Ontario. This riding was created in 1933 from parts of Elgin West and Norfolk—Elgin ridings.
  • Elgin is a city in Bastrop and Travis Counties in the U.S. state of Texas. The population was 5,700 at the 2000 census. By 2005, the population grew to an estimated 8,689.

IMG 1885.jpg
IMG 1885.jpg
Straight on shot of the movement. It's in pretty good shape, but there are some wear marks on it (especially on the gears to wind the mainspring). This is about as well as I can restore a watch. This picture is a touch out of focus, I think, but it's still pretty good. Here's the data from the elgin serial number database: Serial Number SN Range RunQty Name Year grade size code jewels Adj/reg/etc. -------------- -------- ------ ---- ---- ----- ---- ------ ------ ------------ 8080108 8080001 2000 1898 152 16s h3n6p 15j e
Elgin Pocket Watch 02.05.09 [36]
Elgin Pocket Watch 02.05.09 [36]
Going through the boxes from storage now. Sort of blown away from some of the finds. Forgot we had them. I had never tired to wind this until tonight.. and it works... sat for a long time just staring at the bare movement.... listening to the ticking and the impossibly small mechanisms spin in perfection.... it is beautiful.. my pictures do nothing for it really. and this is 130 years old.... 02.05.09

elgin pocket watch pictures
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