Citizen watch discount : Pulsar chronograph 100m.

Citizen Watch Discount

citizen watch discount
    citizen watch
  • is the core company of a Japanese global corporate group based in Tokyo, Japan. The company was originally founded as Shokosha Watch Research Institute in 1918 and is currently known as the manufacturer of CINCOM precision lathe machine tools as well as CITIZEN watches.
  • A percentage deducted from the face value of a bill of exchange or promissory note when it changes hands before the due date
  • dismiss: bar from attention or consideration; "She dismissed his advances"
  • give a reduction in price on; "I never discount these books-they sell like hot cakes"
  • A deduction from the usual cost of something, typically given for prompt or advance payment or to a special category of buyers
  • the act of reducing the selling price of merchandise

Swallows1007A: "Take a little trip, take a little trip, take a little trip with meee . . . "
Swallows1007A: "Take a little trip, take a little trip, take a little trip with meee . . . "
No, I don't remember what song that came from. Guess I'm getting old. (Certainly the girls at the local KFC think so--they keep giving me the senior-citizen discount without even bothering to ask if I qualify.) But I digress, of course. The birds pictured here are barn swallows. Wikipedia or even a good encyclopedia can tell you more about them than I can, but they are special, here in the Midwest. They show up here every Spring, hang out all Summer and into Autumn, then disappear (smart birds). Nesting pairs return to the same spot every year--for instance, my parents garage has been a Barnswallow Holiday Inn for at least 2 or 3 such pairs, every year for as long as I can remember. And I seem to have some seasonal regulars here at my place, too. I've never seen flocks of them before, though. Sometimes, out mowing alfalfa (the plant, NOT the TV character) or clover when I was a kid, a dozen or more of them might be swooping and swirling around the tractor, truly a joy to watch, by the way, but that's about as big a crowd of them as I ever remember seeing all at once. For the past couple of weeks they have been gathering in a field across the road, preparing, I suppose, for their annual migration to more pleasant climes--South America, from what I've heard, which is a fair distance from here. Today was the first day I''d seen them all on the light wires, which makes me think they were readying to "blow this popsicle stand," head for sunshine and warm breezes With snow in the forecast for this Sunday, I wish I could join them! Interestingly, as I sat on the porch for a while this morning, pairs and 3's and 4's of them would sweep down past me, almost as if they were saying goodbye.
Senior Citizen Discount
Senior Citizen Discount
So here's the deal. I picked up fast food chicken on Saturday to enjoy while we watched the Saints beat the Cardinals, 45 - 14. This is also after the doctor told me to lose weight. The cashier looks at me and gives me the Senior Citizen discount without asking my age. Ben noticed right away and made sure to point it out to me. He also couldn't wait to get home and make sure to tell his mother and siblings. They all laughed and laughed and found it very amusing. I'm actually 52 and have not hit Senior status yet. In fact as long as I don't pass any mirrors I feel pretty young. And by the way, I kept the discount.

citizen watch discount
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