Raleigh Tire Stores

raleigh tire stores
    tire stores
  • (Tire store) retail outlet selling tires and offering vehicle repair services.
  • English courtier (a favorite of Elizabeth I) who tried to colonize Virginia; introduced potatoes and tobacco to England (1552-1618)
  • capital of the state of North Carolina; located in the east central part of the North Carolina
  • The Raleigh Amtrak Station, located in Raleigh, North Carolina, is served by three passenger trains, the Silver Star, Piedmont and Carolinian. The street address is 320 West Cabarrus Street, and is located just to the southwest of downtown Raleigh.
  • The capital of North Carolina, in the east central part of the state; pop. 276,093

Raleigh Lenton Sports
Raleigh  Lenton Sports
Acquired today from its original one and only owner (elderly). Whilst in use, it received replacement handlebars 19/- (should really be dropped), mudguards, pedal and was "modernised" with a Union dynamo system, it also received a King of The Road bell (currently seized, like the brakes) for 5/- off the owners Dad. It was involved in a minor road accident, hence the incorrect replacements mentioned above. Frame size is 23", hub is S/A 4 speed and year is 1949, I can just about make out the decals on the original (but tired) paintwork. Had been stored upside down for at least twenty five years ! Will try to locate some period parts in the hope of returning it to something like its original spec....it also wants a heck of a clean !
Bicycle explosion
Bicycle explosion
That's all there is to it. Cables and brake grip hardware are in the baggies, the spindle and all the bearings are in the yogurt tub. This bike was in great shape, with the exception of the rotting tires. It looks like it was stored with chickens though, as it had chicken droppings and down feathers all over it. Getting faster at tearing these things apart, I got this one apart in about an hour, even with a stubborn cotter pin (which I ended up destroying). I'm going to do the same complete refurb job on this bike that I did on my Sprite.

raleigh tire stores
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