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How To Change A Flat Tire Step By Step

how to change a flat tire step by step
    flat tire
  • (Flat Tired) This is a complete listing of episodes from the animated television series Garfield and Friends. The first episode of Garfield and Friends aired on September 17, 1988.
  • flat: a deflated pneumatic tire
  • A dull witted, insipid, disappointing date. Same as pill, pickle, drag, rag, oilcan
    how to
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Aftermath of a long fight. [The Salt Flats]
Aftermath of a long fight. [The Salt Flats]
[Awesome Fight given by Amiya, Shai, River, Ellieshea, Sten, Amara, Dutch, Brekka and Jayde. Some people had to leave and the rp was pretty long so I just decided to cut it since I'm hella tired.] Ayr Bosatsu crouched down behind the door, inhaling sharply. His nostrils burned with the scent of blood, catching it drifting down through the opened manhole from the dead and dying zombies. His head nodded, eyes lifting to the ceiling of the security room. Getting right with the light, he'd fix his clothing, blood boiling with righteous indignation - the smell of the stuff in the air only heightening his fortitude. "Witness the DIM!" Extending his inhuman hand to the door he'd thrust it forward - hoping it would swing in a big enough arc to belt anybody in its swing backwards. Stepping through the threshold he'd level his eyes on whomever stood there, a hand falling to a pouch on his clothing. "The road Ends here, Hebi." Amiya Viper as the door swung open it almost caught her int he face, reeling back ot cracked against shoulder instead as she stumbled back. Dropping the baggies that had been in hand she growled at Ayr's advance, and body tensed, coiling as tail whipped back and forth wildly. "My eggsssss!" she demanded angrily before springing forward, heedless of the arm, if it came out she might very well muckle onto the limb instead of his torso, either would do as she tried to bring him crashing down with over two hundred pounds of dense reptilian. "Give them back!!!" Was the frantic screaam as she found an object at last to focus her panic rage and anguish at. Behind her she had no idea someone had followed them down, she trusted Sten with her back implicitly. ------------------------ Ayr Bosatsu paused momentarily, considering it. Resting his hand on the door he'd chuckle, his shoulders dipping. "You're still swimming in the first tier of your pain. You can't even look past what you feel to understand why this is happening. If you insist on rejecting what I'm trying to teach you - fine - least humour me." Spinning around he'd step forward, "Let's go get some eggs then." Pausing he'd look her over, looking at her ravaged form. "..Hey white-cat. How about you go inside and rest up. See to the injured or check on Mara. I'll go get this annoyed snake her eggs." Brekka Nightfire nods, having bled all over herself anyway, "As you wish... " she's try to manage a smile through the pain and bodily funcitons kicking into healing mode as they spoke.. she'd stumble off Amara had not expected a kick on the way down. The blade cut through her shirt and pierced skin before the momentum of the kick itself threw her backwards. Landing hard on her back, Amara screamed in too much pain to try getting up again quickly. She retracted the blades, holding her burnt areas with her right hand, the torso slash with her left. Panting heavily, she kept her eyes on River in case he tried attacking her again. Amiya Viper a shake of her head, "I have to get ssten to the lab... he will drown in hiss own blood before long..." Looking down to the lion hybrid she felt the twinge inr ibs and shoulder where hard blows had done their damage within. She ignored the pain and began to lift the lion up over shoulder. "You can;t teach a lessson to anyone Ayr, if you don't even tell them what you're trying to teach... you're jusst an arrogant fool who wisshess he were a god, becausse he desspissess what he really isss..." She turned, limping gingerly towards the manhole cover. There was no way to do both, to get her eggs and to see to Sten, she had no faith Ayr would help and so she made her choice, she would save the living companions he had, because there was no guarentee she wouldn;t find her eggs already dead. Dutch Picnic possibly maybe could have been saved, but noooo one cares about some sexy new girl. Bastards. The pool of blood grows so big it's hard to imagine she had any left. The bite at her throat begins to turn green, the delicate strawberry locks soaking in the blood. Ayr Bosatsu pressed on - his shoulder slamming into Brekka unless she moved out of the way. "A child doesn't need to know the words electricity or pain to understand that sticking ones finger therein causes such an event. It's a capacity for reasoning and deduction which allow lessons to be passed on." Finding his own way out of the tunnel he'd look to the dying - or dead - Cat lying on his roof. Anger surged through him like a bomb about to go off as he crouched down beside the flayed form. River Grau crouches on the groun as Amara backs off. A hand holds his chest as he glares at Mara. He doesn't attack, mainly because he was in pain as well, not wanting to bleed out. For now, it seemed like a stand off. "Mom? Mom? Where are the eggs?" His voice was a little frantic as he just wanted to get out of there. "It's all clear up
Upper 3 Horse Lake - another great view
Upper 3 Horse Lake - another great view
One of many views Kelsie and I came to look at on our Happy Ridge Trail hike. We started at the Happy Ridge Trailhead before the Olympic Hot Springs trailhead at the end of the road. This route is not for the weak of heart or foot, due to the 4000 feet of elevation gain before you drop into Happy Lake. I got to admit that it was a trying day for me to complete this stretch of our hike. By the way both over packed on weight, way over packed! By the time we got to the trail JCT to Happy Lake my leg muscles were tightening up to the point of almost getting cramps –not good! Then you drop into Happy Lake about 500 feet- a steep rough trail. All this took us about 7 hours to complete, and only to be rewarded with BUGS at the lake. We’re not talking occasional mosquitoes or deer flies, but herds of the little things all wanting to bite you. I can not emphasize how bad they were, if not for 100% Deet which I hate to wear, you wouldn’t be outside of your tent. Happy Lake is not too special for a high mountain lake-wooded all around- no fish- scummy lake bottom, but it did have a snowmelt creek with cold yummy water nearby. Both being tired bedtime was rather early. The next day we packed our gear up and headed for boulder lake- 5.5 miles away which we thought that wouldn’t be too bad- except for all the uphill for 3.5 miles and the 35 down trees along a 2.5 mile stretch of the trail and then you start down thinking it will be easier-Wrong!! Steep rough uneven tread with loose cobble and lots of steps down to pound your body into submission. 5 hours later we made the lake, what a magnificent sight!! This is a 5 star lake with all the beauty of Mildred lakes. No one around- we had the lake to ourselves- unbelievable!!!! The rest of the day was spent around camp, exploring the shoreline and resting. OH BY the WAY there are BUGS here TOO, but not quite as bad. We did discuss how to lighten the load, the best solution for now was to eat all the food before moving on, needless to say we had some really good meals that my wife had dehydrated – spaghetti w/meat, mushroom pasta dish, linguine with cheese sauce. The next day we took off up the ridge to explore a route into Three Horse lakes and Blue Lake. Took a game trail up the ridge, took some pictures which show our progress along the ridge. Blue Lake was over another ridge up on a flat, we both elected to leave that for another trip. No one was still at the lake when we came back; we both knew that would change as it was Friday- weekenders would show up. A lazy afternoon followed with more exploration, fishing and resting as we decided to end our trip one day early with an 8 mile hike back to our vehicle in the morning. Yes more people showed up before and after dark to stay at the lake. Packed up and left by 8am and back to our vehicle in 3 hours, not bad for a 8 mile down hill walk carrying too much weight-still. All in all a great trip, another trail marked off of our list, now what is next? Going to Grayland, WA in a week, it’s our 33rd anniversary!!!!

how to change a flat tire step by step
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