Cheap Tire Sale

cheap tire sale
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Cheap anodized rims
Cheap anodized rims
I bought these Araya rims on sale for $5 each from a few years ago. No frills, no eyelets, no machined brake track... just a simple silver anodized finish and a rather traditional round domed center rise. They are somewhat wider than many modern aero profile rims which makes them better for wider tires. They work fine, seem very sturdy and are a great choice for my commuter bike.
$1500 ONO
$1500 ONO
Good Engine, Brand new Radiator, fairly new tyres, needs replacement of silencer. Just makes more noise when accelerating than it should. Can be replaced for around $150-200. Does not come with a roadworthy and will require you to sign a paper stating that you will arrange for roadworthy after the sale. Please call Shagun on 0433213648 asap

cheap tire sale
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