Paolo Israel, Ph.D.

I carried out extensive research in northern Mozambique, focusing on the intersections between popular culture and politics. My doctoral thesis reconstructed the historical transformations of Makonde mapiko masquerades and dance traditions more generally. I also worked on witch-hunts and occult rumours; storytelling and oral performance. Since 2008 I live and work in Cape Town. I joined the University of the Western Cape first as a post-doctoral fellow at the Centre for Humanities Research, then as a staff member of the History Department

All my publications are accessible here

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Ten years of research (and continuing)... 

2002, Base Central, Muidumbe; with Atanásio Cosme Nhussi, Gerónimo Mussa Katembe, António Focas Nandimba and others

2003, Mwambula, Muidumbe

2004, Myangalewa, Muidumbe; with Mario Malyamungu Matias and Evaristo Januário Angelina

2005, Mwambula, Muidumbe; with Mario Malyamungu Matias

2006: Montepuez

2008: Regadio Nguri, Muidumbe; with Mario Malyamungu Matias and Evaristo Januário Angelina

2009: Messalo, Muidumbe, with Mario Malyamungu Matias and Evaristo Januário Angelina

2011: Out of the Box Festival, Cape Town; with mapiko dance troupe

2012, Costa do Sol, Maputo; with Valério Mwale