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Assistant Professor, Erasmus School of Economics

Candidate Research Fellow, Tinbergen Institute

Labor, Macro, Information Frictions

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Wage Cyclicality and Labor Market Sorting

Forthcoming, AER:Insights

The degree of wage rigidity depends on how misaligned workers skills are relative to their job requirements: for well-matched workers, wages are acyclical, whereas wages of those at the top of the skill mismatch distribution are procyclical.

Mismatch Cycles, with I. Baley and R. Ulbricht

Forthcoming, Journal of Political Economy

During recessions, highly mismatched jobs are destroyed but also created. An equilibrium model of the labor market with directed search, multidimensional sorting, learning about skills, and aggregate shocks accounts for the cyclical dynamics of skill mismatch.


Information Frictions in Education and Inequality

When the college premium is low, the share of college graduates in a school-district is negatively associated with the college enrollment rate of high-school students.This is consistent with a model featuring imperfect information and local learning.

Self-insurance in Turbulent Labor Markets, with I. Baley, C. Mantovani, A. Sepahsalari

The risk of human capital obsolescence decreases reemployment wages and increases savings and unemployment duration.

Labor Market Beliefs and the Gender Wage Gap, with Christine Braun

(Draft coming soon)

Beliefs about labor market earnings and job arrival rates drive differences in labor market earnings between women and men, in particular for college graduates with children.

The False Illusion of Wage Cyclicality, with Inês Black

(Draft coming soon)

We provide evidence that the high cyclicality of new hires' wages is explained by workers switching occupations.

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