Price Increase

Anaerobe Systems Price Increase Statement  - October 2018

Anaerobe Systems conducts an annual review of product prices and makes necessary adjustments & increases on October 1 of each year. During our review we consider raw material prices, production batch sizes, facility & process improvement costs, and labor/time to produce each product.

Updated full price list and availability here: October 2018 Prices. Prices valid through September 30, 2019

Most products will see a price increase of 3% - 5%. Custom media prices will not change for the duration of the quote validity. All standing orders will keep current pricing until the expiration of the standing order.

The following products are undergoing a larger price increase due to the higher cost to produce them:

 Description Current Price
 New Price October 1
 AS-614 Brucella Blood Agar 150mm Plate$    3.40
$    3.99
 AS-811 Chopped Meat Broth $  13.65
 $  14.99
 AS-813 Chopped Meat with Glucose Broth $  13.65
 $  14.99
 AS-823 Chopped Meat with Carbohydrate Broth $  13.65
 $  15.49