Chamber Training


August 22-24 2018
November 7-9 2018

Anaerobe Systems

Your purchase of the AS-580 Gloveless Anaerobic Chamber includes a FREE 3-day Chamber Training and Anaerobic Bacteriology Seminar. This includes an in-depth training course, textbooks, handouts and lab supplies as well as, snacks and lunches. Hotel accommodations are also included.

Topics Covered Include
  • Anaerobic chamber operation
  • Operation of the solenoid valve, pressure sensor switch, dehumidifier and the control panel
  • Techniques for proper function and maintenance
  • Purging, operation, maintenance & quality control
  • Troubleshooting
  • Anaerobe Identification
  • Oxygen toxicity and anaerobiosis
  • Techniques and media preparation for the optimal recovery of anaerobes
  • Collection, transport, primary isolation and preliminary identification of anaerobes
  • Presumptive identification of anaerobes (examination, recording and identification of approximately 13 unknowns)
    Contact Information
    Please direct all inquiries to:
    Sandy Burg
    Phone: 408.782.7557
    Fax: 408.782.3031