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Advanced Anaerobic Bacteriology Course

Working inside the AS-580 Anaerobe Chamber

Learn to Excel in this Developing Field!
The Advanced Anaerobic Bacteriology Course takes you from your current level to a person in the know. It’s the perfect step whether you want to incorporate anaerobic bacteriology into your area of expertise, align with your facility’s accuracy-improvement efforts, or become specialized in anaerobic bacteriology.


  • June 20-22, 2018
  • August 20-24, 2018
  • November 7-9, 2018

Who Will Benefit From This Course
Students, researchers, clinical lab technicians, microbiology lab managers, and physicians. Microbiologists in the clinical, veterinary, dental, environmental biotechnology and bio-fuel fields.
Microbiologist and inventor Mike Cox is a pioneer responsible for significant breakthroughs in the field of anaerobic bacteriology. He has numerous publications in scientific journals. He and the staff at Anaerobe Systems have taught anaerobic bacteriology courses and anaerobic-chamber training workshops for over 30 years.
Continuing Education Contact Hours
(California Residents): 20
Number of Days
3 Days
US $2,495
Tuition includes textbook, handouts, lab supplies, hotel accommodations, snacks, and lunches

What This Course Will Teach You
  • Oxygen toxicity and anaerobiosis
  • Techniques and media preparation for the optimal recovery of anaerobes
  • Collection, transport, primary isolation and preliminary identification of anaerobes
  • Presumptive identification of anaerobes (examination, recording and identification of approximately 14 unknowns)
  • Effective operation of an anaerobic chamber
  • And more

Contact Information

Please direct all inquiries to Sandy Burg

Phone: 408.782.7557

Fax: 408.782.3031