Anaerobic Culture Media:

Anaerobe Systems produces the only true Pre-Reduced Anaerobically Sterilized (PRAS) plated and tubed culture media in the USA. Founded over 35 years ago, for scientists by scientists, Anaerobe Systems has discovered practical and efficient ways to maximize anaerobic culture techniques.

Using a patented procedure, we prepare and package media in an oxygen-free environment from sterilization to packaging. Our product is shipped to you in anaerobic packages. Exposure of specimens to oxygen is eliminated at every step to ensure accurate results.

The benefits of such care are: greatly reduced time in preparation and handling of cultures and substantially increased recovery of anaerobes. This improved productivity will be visibly apparent within 18 to 24 hours of incubation.

Anaerobic Chambers:

Anaerobe Systems developed the AS-580 Anaerobic Chamber which allows glove-free handling of media and specimens inside in an environment where inert gas has replaced oxygen.

The AS-580 Anaerobic Chamber is the most ergonomic chamber of its kind. This low-maintenance chamber is easy to use and loaded with state-of-the-art features that can dramatically increase your laboratory's effectiveness and productivity.

What Makes Us Different

Some anaerobic media are prepared in aerobic conditions and then packaged in anaerobic pouches. Some are produced and shipped under aerobic conditions and must be reduced in jars and chambers. The result of either procedure is contamination by oxygen and delay of use. Removal of oxygen after the fact will not revive the quality of media damaged by oxidation, period. Anaerobe Systems media is sterilized, poured, and packaged--all in the absence of oxygen.