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CDC Anaerobic Blood Agar (CDC or CABA)

CDC Anaerobic Blood Agar (referred to as CDC or CABA) is an enriched medium for the growth and partial identification of obligate anaerobes. It also supports good growth of aerobic, facultative anaerobic and microaerophilic organisms found in clinical materials if incubated under the appropriate conditions. CDC Anaerobic Blood Agar is a tryptic soy agar base supplemented with vitamin K1 and hemin to facilitate the recovery of more fastidious organisms, such as Prevotella, Porphyromonas, and the Bacteroides fragilis group, and should facilitate pigment production of Prevotella melaninogenica. Sheep blood is added for the observation of hemolytic reactions as seen by the double zone beta – hemoylsis of Clostridium perfringens. This medium is prepared, dispensed and packaged under oxygen-free conditions to prevent the formation of oxidized products prior to use.

                Anaerobe Systems PRAS CDC Anaerobic Blood Agar AS-646

CDC Anaerobic Blood Agar Products
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CDC Anaerobic Blood Agar plate4 plates