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Differential Disks and Reagents

Anaerobe Systems will implement an annual 3% - 5% price increase on products as of October 1, 2018. A small number of products will have a larger price increase. See our statement on price increase here: Anaerobe Systems Price Increase

We sell direct to the customer! To order, please call or fax in your order to Anaerobe Systems at:
ph: (800) 443-3108
fx:  408-782-3031

For ordering information or to qualify for our quantity discounts, please click here.
Anaerobe Systems can make custom media formulations, for more information click here.

Stock items ship from our facility within 3 days of order, and typically ship the same day.
Non-stock items ship from our facility 2-4 weeks from receipt of order. Please inquire about inventory and lead time
Non-stock items are subject to a minimum order of 20 packages.

 Product Description
Catalog Number
Colistin Differential Disks, 10 ug
 Stock50 disks
Ferric Ammonium Citrate Solution (1%) 30 mL
 Stock1 bottle
Hydrogen Peroxide (15%), 30 mL
AS-708  Stock1 bottle $18.33
Indole Reagent, 30 mL
AS-701  Stock1 bottle $7.47
Kanamycin Differential Disks, 1 mg
AS-706  Stock50 disks
Nitrate Disks
AS-703  Stock50 disks
Nitrate Reagents A & B (30 mL each)
AS-704  Stock1 set
SPS Disks
AS-702  Stock50 disks
Blank Disks AS-711  Stock50 disks
Vancomycin Differential Disks, 5ug
AS-707  Stock50 disks
Zinc Dust, 3g
AS-709  Stock1 bottle

* May be used for dental research
f Designed for MIDI identification procedures. 
  Contain 10.0mL

N Non-stock item.  Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. 
   Minimum order required