Anaerobe Chamber AS-580

AS-580 Features
  • 580 plate capacity
  • 64” wide x 29” deep
  • Large oval armports and gloveless sleeves offer a vacuumless instant entry system
  • Sliding passbox door helps to transfer items in and out of the chamber with ease
  • Automated self-regenerating catalyst cleans itself overnight. There is no need to remove and bake the catalyst
  • Humidity and temperature controlled for operator comfortability
  • Passbox flush system eliminates traditional vacuum and flush cycles
  • Integrated 580-plate incubator provides controlled temperature for the bacteria
  • Optional Internal PC computer connects to the laboratory network for data entry and review
  • Optional Digital camera system magnifies colonies for easy diagnostics and records today’s work for later review
  • 1-year parts and labor warranty
  • 2.5-day hands on anaerobic bacteriology and chamber operation training course included
  • Optional on-site installation and training available 

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