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Anaerobe Chambers & Accessories

We sell direct to the customer! To order, please call or fax in your order to Anaerobe Systems at:
        ph: (800) 443-3108
        fx:  (408) 782-3031
For ordering information or to qualify for our quantity discounts, please click here.
Product Description Catalog Number Size Price
Anaerobe Chamber Workstation with 580 plate incubator AS-580
Sleeves, 10" port black neoprene for AS-580
*these sleeves will be discontinued shortly.
  Use B08108-10W as replacement
B08108-10 1 pair
Sleeves, 10" port white butadyl for AS-580
B08108-10W1 pair
Butyl (Black) Cuffs, (7 Small, 8 Medium, 9 Large, 10 XL)
B08115-7S/8M/9L/10XL 1 pair $34.14
Sleeve Retaining Springs B100904
1 pair $15.97
Sleeve Plug Gasket B100406
1 pair $30.90
O-Rings for Snap-In Cuffs B08118
1 pair $12.88
Snap-In Cuff Ring B900302
1 pair $151.93
Snap-In Sleeve Ring B900303
1 pair
Snap-In Sleeve Plug B900304
1 pair
Velcro Straps (Sleeve Attachment) B08119
1 pair
Velcro Cuff Strap (Red/Blue/Green/Yellow/Orange) B100900 1 pair
O-Ring Lubricant B900305 each $32.60
Chamber Cleaner (Benzalkonium Chloride) AS-972
Anatox Refill B90010 1kg
Stainless-Steel Bowl for Anatox B480012 each
Anti-static & Polish for Plastic B08293 each
Petri Plate Rack B480008 each $65.15
Non-Skid Chamber Turntable, 9" B480014 each
Non-Skid Chamber Turntable, 12" B480015 each $23.69
Chamber Reach Push/Pull Extender B480010 each $16.27
UV LED Flashlight
B480011 each $54.08
Anaerobic Gas Leak Detector B480005 each $216.0
Gas Cylinder Regulator for Anaerobic Mixed Gas B480007 each $412.00
Catalyst Replacement Assembly (NEW)
Catalyst Replacement Assembly (REFURBISHED)
Palladium Catalyst Pellets Only (90 grams per catalyst)
1g $2.25
 PM (Preventative Maintenance) Annual Parts Kit
1 pair Sleeves, 10 pairs Cuffs, 2 pairs O-Rings,
1gal Cleaner, 1kg Anatox, 1 Catalyst Assembly
 B900308 each $899.00