My research interests include plant community ecology, conservation biology, climate change, phylogenetics, and functional traits, especially regarding serpentine soils, coastal grasslands, and rare plants in California. 

I completed my PhD in 2010 with Dr. Susan Harrison at the University of California, Davis, on habitat specialization and community assembly of plants on serpentine soils. In 2011, I completed a one-year postdoc with Dr. Harrison and the CA Dept. of Fish and Game, Biogeographic Data Branch, on climate change vulnerability of rare plants. Currently, I am  a postdoc with Dr. Sharon Strauss at UC Davis.

My work with Dr. Strauss is an experimental test of phylogenetic relatedness and ecological similarity at Bodega Marine Reserve on the Sonoma Coast of California. The research builds upon recent results showing shared germination preferences and higher adult competition among closely related plant species (ie congeners); check out a recent paper here by Dr. Jean Burns and Dr. Strauss.