Although the UK and the USA have the English language in common, they are two unique nations with different cultures, government systems, and traditions. Holidays and celebrations also vary between the different countries. Even Christmas and other Christian holidays, even though celebrated by all the countries, have some key differences.

The British are used to be conservative. They still drive on the left, have their weights and measures and wear traditional school uniforms. They don’t shake hands, kiss and say hello so often as we do. Saying “my house is my castle” symbolises their right to privacy. In spite of their conservatism they are much advanced in science and technology. In the United Kingdom, public holidays are known as bank holidays because these are days on which banks are closed and so no trading can take place.

The Americans are not conservative... they say ;) They deeply believe that the saying "time is money" stands for everything. There are no national holidays in the USA. Each state has the right to decide about its own holidays.

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