Questions To Ask Your Lawyer

questions to ask your lawyer
  • Feel or express doubt about; raise objections to
  • (question) an instance of questioning; "there was a question about my training"; "we made inquiries of all those who were present"
  • Ask questions of (someone), esp. in an official context
  • (question) challenge the accuracy, probity, or propriety of; "We must question your judgment in this matter"
  • (question) the subject matter at issue; "the question of disease merits serious discussion"; "under the head of minor Roman poets"
  • The burbot (Lota lota), from old french barbot, is the only freshwater gadiform (cod-like) fish. It is also known as mariah, the lawyer, and (misleadingly) eelpout, and closely related to the common ling and the cusk. It is the only member of the genus Lota.
  • A person who practices or studies law; an attorney or a counselor
  • a professional person authorized to practice law; conducts lawsuits or gives legal advice
  • A lawyer, according to Black's Law Dictionary, is "a person learned in the law; as an attorney, counsel or solicitor; a person licensed to practice law.
questions to ask your lawyer - The Complete
The Complete Guide to Your Real Estate Closing: Answers to All Your Questions - From Opening Escrow, to Negotiating Fees, to Signing the Closing Papers
The Complete Guide to Your Real Estate Closing: Answers to All Your Questions - From Opening Escrow, to Negotiating Fees, to Signing the Closing Papers
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The Grudge
The Grudge
Found on a minivan in Hamilton, Ontario From left to right. (Most) typos as posted on car. "Trespassing & Theft. Does West Lincoln Municipality have the right to come onto my private property without my permission & Steal my owned signs? As they did" "Why do signed witnessed 3 generation family residential agreements, [...] or signed $ family loan agreements, not count in family court" "I suffer from legal & court; insurance & renovator; psychiatrist & municipal abuse syndrome. Causing stress, causing health sick care costs!" "Why was I made med. Disabled, due to Ontario health sick care errors? Nearly died several times, needed many operations to undo some of their errors; you taxpayers are paying for it. I am paying for it, while they get away with it!?" "Can you be sued for asking questions?? or Can you be sued for inviting people to come see them selves??? I don't think easily?? "If you don't want people to know the bad things you have done, don't do them." "Why should natural resources error, cost me $$$ ?? Why no justice in Ontario??" "Is Casablanca winery hotel in Grimsby; pool, costly, small, still dirty with human body oil, cold & short of chairs?? Shortage of pools in area" "How can CIBC bank [5 times] take more money from my bank then agreed on ??? Take me to court when I put a stop payment on, as they ignore my letters??? Is this gods law??? Is this Canadian law??? Is this legal???" "Why will CIBC bank not let my sister purchase (with my wish) my ex illegal mortage, to save my home?" "Why do signed witnessed 3 generation family residential agreements, [...] or signed $ family loan agreements, not count in family court" "Is valley park recreation pool still treating paying customers so badly???" "Should Wawanesia insurance get away with not living up to home replacement policy??? Also causing other issues????" "Wawanesia insurance get away with accepting money under the table to allow renovations before the other renovator" "Why does president choice Master Card treat us so badly???" "Can psychiatrists illegally lock you up w his fabricated story" "Family court ordered psychiatric evaluation by a psychiatrist [unreadable] ex-husband & my lawyer request My GP/trained councillor diagnosed me stress overload, rejected as not a psychiatrist. A psychiatrist diagnosed me as 'excess stress' from all the stress put on me, meanwhile my ex husband had psychiatric evaluation 'healthy' signs by a dermatologist& chiropractor from his cost cult [unreadable] accepted in court. I got locked up!" "Why does Wawanesia insurance protect Dennis & Dave who they brought in, who vandalised my home, then not honour my replacement insurance clause, in a kitchen fire?" "[unreadable]" "Can your lawyer misrepresent you, by diagnosing you as mental, [unreadable]" "Falsify records" "Declare your home marital" "Loose $36,000 court ordered entrusted money [unreadable]" "Why can we not register 'a refuse to vote' Why can we not vote 'out' an unacceptable elected member [as in jail unreadable]" "Do Canadian tax payers have any rights?" "Dictatorship of Canada. 4 tear level. Have + Have not's. Rich controllers get richer off poor honest people while criminals safely play. Workers have no pride in self/work. " "Can your husbands lawyer [name not readable . James something] Demand his legal payments from you, withhold important documents till you do? Blackmail? Should your ex lawyer get away w threaten you & intimidate you & lie about you in court???" "Will I survive Ontario government stupidity???" "Why no West Lincoln indoor pool?" "Will I survive Ontario government stupidity???" "Should Wawanesia insurance get away with not living up to home replacement policy??? Buyer be ware" "Dominion Dictatorship of Canada. Why no legal system - where truth, honesty & justice count?" etc etc etc ... ... ...
Meeting Sonny Barger at Pee Wee's House
Meeting Sonny Barger at Pee Wee's House
"I'm going to interview Sonny Barger," says Sheree. I am concentrating on something else and I make a polite "Uh huh" noise. She taps my arm. "When we're in Sturgis. I'm going to interview Sonny Barger -- for my book." That gets my attention. I remember seeing Barger on television: a special about the Hell's Angels. If the Angels have a King, I'm thinking it's Barger. "You're going to do what?" I ask. I have instant visions of back alleys and large nasty bikers looming over me. I don't really know anything about bikers...but I DO know that Barger is the Real Deal...and lots of the Hell's Angels think he's the King. So he is. "You're going to WHAT?" I ask. Again. My voice squeaks just a little. Exasperation flickers across her face. (I see that a lot.) She tells me she's written to Barger's lawyer, explaining that she wants to interview him. Then she tells me Barger's lawyer has written back saying it's okay with him...and we can meet Sonny at "the Shop." "What shop?" I ask. It's a stupid question, I know. But cut me some slack. I was grabbing here. She shrugs. "I dunno." "How will we find it?" I ask. "We'll find it," she says. "We're going." I sigh. Over years of married life, I have cultivated the ability to sigh with great eloquence. "Are you scared?" she asks. I sputter. I consider it and then decide to tell the truth. "Of course I'm scared. Are you nuts? These are HELL'S FREAKING ANGELS. Don't you watch television? These guys know seven different ways to kill you using only their eyelashes." She just looks at me. In that instant I know for certain that when we get to Sturgis that we WILL be sitting down for an interview with Sonny Barger, the man Rolling Stone magazine describes as "the baddest man on two wheels." And I was right.

questions to ask your lawyer